Before, it is totally fine to play hard to get. Men are also expected to pay the bills and it’s totally unacceptable to have sex on your first date. But things have changed, especially the rules of modern dating.

A lot of people have found their one true love through online dating. This is convenient and more fun for some, but here are 10 unwritten rules of online dating with a Russian girl:

  1. Bragging is a major turn-off

Russian girls get attracted to confident men. They find it sexy but arrogance is a big NO Saying “I can cook for you and do the chores” is a plus points but saying “I am a nice guy and have a great job and nobody can figure out why I am still single” is not.

  1. Be original and specific about your interests

Remember that your goal is get a Russian girl you have lots in common with. Instead of saying you love watching sunsets, tell her the best sunset you have ever seen. Tell your Russian girl where you usually hang out with your friends and the things that you always do with them. Share your favorite kind of music. Specifying your interests will make you sound more interesting.

  1. Never tell her that you didn’t write your profile

Well, things like this can really happen. You probably asked your friend or colleague to describe you and that is what you have written in your profile. But you should never admit this to your Russian girl. This will make your girl think that you are not smart or you are not aware of your own qualities and strengths.

  1. Leave your baggage behind

We all have that exes who has broken our hearts so bad. You may also have a lot of frustrations in life, at work and even family problems. But you should never admit it to your potential Russian girl. She’s probably aware that you have your pains and heartaches in the past but she doesn’t want to hear it. Not yet! Wait until you finally know each other well.

  1. Forget about your wish list.

Russian dating site is not a grocery store where you need a shopping list. Stop looking for someone with short hair, tall, has brown eyes, etc. These Russian sites are there to give you some potential lovers and not to help you find a perfect Barbie doll of your dreams. You too have flaws, so you should learn to accept your Russian woman wholeheartedly.

  1. Your photos are a must!

If you do not include your photo to your profile, your Russian girl might think that you are either 1. Married 2. Ugly or 3. Not a real person; so you will have no chance to find a partner. Also make sure your photos are recent. Never use your photo that was taken 5 or 10 years ago.

  1. Call them the next day

Forget about those rules about waiting 3 days to get in touch. If you like someone, call her immediately. If she’s interested, she’ll be happy that you called. If she is not interested, at least you will know- you can move on to the next Russian girl.

  1. Meet her as soon as you can.

After a few weeks or months of communicating, it’s now time to see her personally. This can help you weigh things and you can judge the chemistry between the two of you. This can help you decide whether this online dating can turn into a serious relationship or even a lifetime partnership.

  1. It might take a few or many dates to find someone you like

Things don’t always work right on your first attempt. If you need to take a few more days with other Russian girls, do so.

  1. Always use protection

Have sex if you like and not if you don’t want. Since you are both single, adults and physically attracted to each other, it is your choice if you’d like to have sex but always use protection.