Some relationships stand the test of time. Some fall apart because of different reasons. There are typical relationship problems like lying, cheating, or money issues. But, nope, these are not always the reasons why. There are small relationship killers that happen every day. They take its toll on the couple after a while. To have a healthy relationship that lasts, it’s important for a couple to have awareness of these relationship killers. These things are often overlooked and taken for granted. If you want to save your relationship from falling apart, address these things before it’s too late.

Here are some of the relationship killers that are most often overlooked. Take a look and reevaluate your relationship as you do so.

relationship killers

Not having boundaries and alone time

A couple may spend all their time together but they also have to give time for themselves alone. It’s a vital factor to have me-time. Each individual should have moments to process their own thoughts, do the hobbies they enjoy, and have new things to talk about. Take time to talk to your partner about the advantages of having personal time. Don’t have secrets, share with your partner what you have been doing during that time. Being in a relationship doesn’t only mean that you are to grow together as a couple. You must also grow as individuals.

You’ve assumed you know each other so well

Partners who have been together for so long believe that they already know every single thing about their partner. They’ve already stopped asking things to each other thinking that there’s no more to know about. Unlike the first stage, they’ve stopped learning about each other. A loss of curiosity can be a huge thing why you have started to grow apart.

To maintain happiness and interest in a relationship, couples need to talk more to each other. They should talk about things other than work, home, or their relationship. Don’t stop being curious, ask questions to each other like when you first met. Getting to know each other more can increase the excitement and passion in your relationship.

Setting aside the small and minor problems

Some couples ignore the small annoyances they encounter in their relationship. While this may be a short-term solution, these small everyday irritations can pile up. Until one day, these little problems will put your relationship in jeopardy. If these aren’t addressed sooner, they will become a big problem and might blow up in the long run. The end result would be a broken relationship. And who wants that?

To maintain and keep your relationship happy and healthy, work out your differences and annoyances no matter how small they are. Take the time to discuss them and make sure that you bring these annoyances up in a constructive manner. Do not point fingers, instead address them and try to come up with solutions and compromises.

Not making your partner feel special every chance you get

Some couples wait for special occasions, like Valentines, Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays, to make each other feel special. You don’t need these occasions to express your love and feelings to one another.

Every day is an opportunity for you to make your partner feel appreciated and valued. Do something on a regular basis to show them that you care for them and that you value them in your life. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be as simple as giving them a kiss or a sweet note saying how thankful you are to have them in your life.

Being fixated on what you know

Fixation is a relationship killer that most couples take for granted to notice. At the beginning of the relationship, you like and appreciate the character and qualities that your partner has. Time passes by and you noticed that something has changed. This is normal because people and things change. In the course of the relationship, you’ll get to learn more about your partner’s negative side. You may find yourself reacting in a different way toward these. You may sometimes wish that things remain the same, you may wish for things to be the way they were before. You may wish for them to change or worse, you may give up.

It’s not easy to deal with change but if you do love someone, you are willing to accept them with everything they are. You learn to love their habits, their quirks, and their personality no matter what it is. You just don’t love them for who they were when you first met them. You love them for the person they have become and who they will be in the future.

Everybody in a relationship deals with problems every day. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. To guide you on how to handle your relationship and keep it in tiptop shape, you can take note of the tips listed above.