Being head over heels in love with your partner makes it hard to imagine living life without them. But while being in love is so wonderful that it makes you see things through rose-colored glasses, it can also blind you from seeing the truth. It’s because of love that some people stay in unhealthy and toxic relationships. What you need to understand is that even the relationships that are filled with love, aren’t built to last. Even if you’ve been together for a long time, things will eventually have to end. So, why do you need to end a bad relationship? Here are some of the most valid reasons you should consider. 

Your partner is dishonest

Has your partner developed a habit of telling lies? Whether big or small, dishonesty has no excuse. If they have started becoming comfortable with lying, especially when it’s something that seriously affects your relationship, then you might want to start weighing things out and consider moving on.

They’re unable to meet your needs

Couples in healthy relationships are the ones who make sure they can meet each other’s needs. These needs do not have to be anything material or tangible. They can be emotional needs or the need for quality time together. If you already tried to communicate with your partner to make them aware that your needs aren’t being met, yet they refused to do something about it, it’s probably time to evaluate your relationship.

It’s  worse when you start seeking these needs for others. For example, the kind of support and emotional affirmation you’re supposed to be getting from your partner is now being sought from other people,  means that something’s not right. This may be an indication that the relationship has to end. 

They can’t be trusted

Trust is one of the most essential elements of a strong and healthy relationship. Without trust, a relationship is bound to fail. If your partner has broken your trust and you can’t bring yourself to trust them again, it’s a valid reason to end the relationship. 

Just imagine having to go through each and every day in a kind of relationship with no trust. You’ll probably have anxiety, doubt and worry. You’ll end up questioning your partner’s every action which will eventually leave you both exhausted. The relationship is going to turn sour until you lose what’s left of the love and respect you have for them.

They make you feel scared to open up

Open communication is another vital element in a lasting relationship. There may be times when it feels uncomfortable to tell your partner what you need, but at the end of the day it’s important to get your message across. Speaking up is far from being needy. Opening up to your partner about the things concerning you, as well as the relationship is crucial. However, if your partner makes you fear bringing up your thoughts and emotions because you know it’s going to trigger an argument, then something’s wrong. Resentment will grow and you’ll begin hating them. If you always find yourself struggling when it comes to confronting your partner, maybe it’s time to think about parting ways.

Staying in the relationship feels more of an obligation

A happy and healthy relationship never has to make anyone feel obligated to stay. The reality is that so many couples opt to stay in a relationship only because they’ve already invested so much time and effort. So, what happens is they ignore the fact that the relationship is no longer making them happy and just hope that someday, they’ll be able to reap the rewards of their investment. 

Is it going to fix the relationship? No. There’s only one way to make things work and that is to work together to meet each other’s needs. Otherwise, it isn’t worth your time.

You’re no longer growing

The right relationship is the kind that doesn’t stop your growth. It’s the one that inspires you, even more, to soar higher and evolve on your own. However, if you don’t find yourself growing anymore in whatever aspect because the relationship seems to be one-sided, then you have all the reasons to initiate a breakup.

Ending a relationship, especially the one you’ve been in for a long time, is never easy. But if the relationship is making you unhappy, abuses you in any way and hampers your personal growth, there’s nothing wrong with finally choosing to love yourself and start walking away.

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