Research shows that a healthy relationship is characterized by the following habits. Are these also your habits? 😉

#1. Positive reinforcement happens frequently.

In psychology, positive reinforcement means when you tell someone that they are great, they will actually become better. For instance, if your partner rarely cleans the house but one day your partner is cleaning the floor, you should immediately say, “I really like the way you clean the house. This is a huge turn-on.” I can guarantee that your partner will LOVE cleaning the house from now on. 😊

#2. Law of Reciprocity applies to intimacy.

In love and in life, you can only get what you give. In other words, if you only ask, “What’s in it for me?”, your relationship will simply become a one-way street. Truthfully, the best romantic partner is definitely a giver because they derive tremendous joy and pleasure from making their partner satisfied. As their partner is truly satisfied, the receiver will reciprocate the genuine gift. Hence, their intimacy becomes more and more rewarding for both people. ❤️

#3. Both individuals are able to communicate their needs cleanly and clearly.

In a healthy relationship, both individuals communicate effectively and efficiently. They know that nobody can read anyone’s mind and they don’t play mind games. Therefore, their clear and authentic communication makes their relationship meaningful, sustainable and enjoyable.

healthy relationship

#4. Nobody loses themselves in a relationship.

Many relationships are stressful because resentment grows when people lose themselves in romantic relationships. However, in a healthy relationship, two people maintain their own hobbies, interests and friends. Everyone keeps their own identity by having some alone time once in a while, so the relationship remains exciting – the spark is always there!

#5. They have date nights regularly.

A successful relationship is constantly nurtured by two people who proactively make time for the relationship. A recent study indicates that couples who regularly have date nights are happier in almost every way.

#6. Honesty is the best policy.

In a successful relationship, although two people maintain their own careers, hobbies and friends, they have nothing to hide. That is to say, emotional infidelity, financial infidelity and other types of secrets are non-existent in a healthy relationship. At the end of the day, honesty makes a relationship healthy, stable and reliable. 

#7. Personal growth is important to both partners.

Frankly, life isn’t about happiness; life is about growth – anything that is not growing is dying. As a result, switched-on individuals highly value personal growth which makes their relationships grow and evolve.

According to my experience, my primary thoughts usually become my reality. Therefore, I stick to my daily routine by eating better, sleeping better and feeling better overall. Yes, self-care begins from getting rid of the illusion and creating a life that I’m excited about. 🍸

Personal development has helped me to enjoy the calm and normality in life. Now I am able to have my mobile phone in the other room all day/night without thinking about social media. Also, I can do things mindfully and just chill without having anything stimulating going on. 🍷

Pausing from technology and the huge amount of workload has also helped me to have some proper me time. I enjoy sharing quality time with my partner; I also love spending time with myself. I think I can strike the balance in life. 🍻

“Having these healthy habits have helped me to enjoy my relationship more thoroughly!”