More than one decade ago, internet dating was almost a taboo topic. Yet nowadays internet dating is so mainstream. Thus, you should totally join an online dating website if you are interested in finding an authentic relationship with a genuine Russian lady. 😊

  • A business analogy:

If offline dating is just like making earned income (you have to do it by yourself), internet dating is like making passive income or leveraged income. In other words, when you join a reliable dating site like, the website sends qualified candidates to you automatically even when you are asleep.


On, there are a lot of very useful features, including audio calls, video calls and automatic translation.


  • Use a professional dating service.

This is an old-school approach, but it works. You can hire a professional matchmaker and get them to find you a genuine Russian woman.


Also, you may consider hiring a dating coach. Frankly, this is a practical approach as you will have solid dating skills with the help of a dating coach. Dating is actually a skill which could be learned. Yet we didn’t learn it when we were at school. Perhaps schools taught wrong subjects? Unfortunately, most individuals learned their lessons the hard way because they learned things through trial & error. So, if you hire a dating coach, you’ll change your love life quickly. Below is a list of dating coaches and experts that I would recommend (I’m not their affiliate marketer):


  1. Michael Todd is the author of Relationship Goals. As a pastor and dating expert, he has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.
  2. Emyli Lovz is a coach who runs a matchmaking organization called emlovz. She has helped many singles get more dates through a unique method.
  3. Sarah Jones founded Introverted Alpha, an organization that helps guys attract women.
  4. Celeste Vaughan Curington is the author of The Dating Divide: Race and Desire in the Era of Online Romance, a very interesting and thought-provoking book.


  • How to enjoy a healthy relationship with a Russian lady:

Every week, you would be well-advised to schedule a date night with your Russian girlfriend. In this way, you will be able to fully enjoy a meaningful relationship!


Here is a list of date night ideas for you:


  1. Play Truth or Dare with your lady. Ask intriguing questions and provide real answers. Be adventurous.
  2. Have a beverage-tasting evening with your lady. Just make surprising beverages and ask her to guess the ingredients in every glass. What about mixing coke with milk? 😉
  3. Slow dance in the sitting room. Simply put on a romantic song as background music and spin with her in a circle slowly.
  4. Surprise dessert delivery – at the end of a delicious dinner, the doorbell is ringing. She asks, “Who is that?” All right. You’ve secretly ordered the dessert delivery!
  5. Tidy up the apartment with your girlfriend. Only keep things that spark joy. You’ll love and cherish what you own.
  6. Make ice cream with your lady. Mindfully make ice cream in the kitchen with her. Playfully taste the ice cream by feeding each other.
  7. Play poker or chess. Be competitive. The winner receives a relaxing massage!
  8. Stargaze with your lady by going out in the backyard in the evening. If it’s a special occasion, you may ask your lady, “Which star from the sky do you want to have? I will go there and get it!” In this moment, she will think about how to answer your question. Now you take out a small box in which a piece of jewelry is shining just like a star in the sky!
  9. Write love letters to each other. Put your appreciation and emotions into words. Read love letters loudly. This creates a sense of intimacy.


  • Keep dating her after ‘I do’.

In order to maintain the spark in a marriage, you’d better continue dating your Russian wife. Apart from having a date night each week, you can also learn something new together (e.g., Tango and Salsa), start a book club for you and her & regularly fly somewhere for a holiday.


Maintaining a relationship is just as important as finding a relationship. You go to see the dentist twice a year. How about doing something for your relationship regularly as well?”