Breakups are always going to be painful, especially when a breakup is characterized by a guy rejecting a high-value lady. However, there are smart ways to go about dealing with this pain. Please keep reading if you are a switched-on Slavic woman in this situation.

date safety

  • What happened & what needs to happen:

Usually, a kind and genuine woman would invest in a man when she thinks this is a serious relationship. Nonetheless, what actually needs to happen is to invest and test, i.e., don’t invest in someone based on how much you like him or how much you believe it’s a long-term relationship; instead, invest in someone based on how much he invests in you. That is probably the No. 1 lesson from this experience.

  • The majority of strong kids aren’t from cozy and enjoyable environments.

If you have a young child who was involved in this relationship, he/she might ask you whether your ex still likes him/her. I understand how hard it is to answer this question. Nevertheless, loss and pain are a natural and organic part of life; hence, if your young child learned this fact early in life, he/she is more likely to become a strong person in the future. It’s okay to be honest with your child by saying, “He liked you, but now we are going to move on because other people love you. That means we will have someone who wants us more and loves us more.”

date safety

  • Moving on:

Statistics show that the divorce rate in western countries is about 50%. Further examination reveals that the end of flirting/dating after getting married is the primary reason why a relationship isn’t sparky anymore.

#1. Have a date night once a week.

No matter you have children or not, you are supposed to have a weekly date night with your spouse. Truthfully, if you have children, you will still find a way to have a weekly date night with your spouse when you actually want to do so. For example, you may ask someone that you can trust to take care of the kids for a few hours per week.

#2. Pursue your own hobbies and interests.

After getting married, you should still spend time enjoying your own interests and hobbies. In this way, when you interact with your spouse, you always have something interesting to talk about, so your spouse is constantly discovering something exciting about you. This creates and maintains the excitement (AKA the spark) in your marriage as well.

#3. Learn something new together.

You and your spouse can join a dance class such as Salsa and Tango. When you are learning something like this together, the connection becomes stronger – you make this experience entertaining and educational, so dopamine is produced, which is similar to the dating stage of a relationship.

#4. Create a book club for two people.

You can start a book club with your spouse. You two will read the same book and discuss the ideas in the book together, thereby growing in the same direction. 😉

“Travel is a great way to keep dating your spouse forever because this lifestyle gives you shared experiences which could be the foundation for a strong emotional connection.”