Frankly, the quality of the conversations determines the quality of the first date. Thus, please let me share with you several tips which will surely help you make your first date great.

online dating

  • The power of using more statements on a date:

You have to use more statements on a date and avoid asking too many questions. Psychologically, women feel compelled to reciprocate some statements. So, rather than asking “Any plans today?”, you should say, “You know what, today I had a very hectic day, so now I just want to listen to lo-fi in a coffee shop and drink hot chocolate.” Since your statement is specific and personal, the lady has a lot of things to respond to, e.g., being busy, finding time to chill, lo-fi, hot chocolate, etc. As she has so many options to talk about, she will probably give a valuable and invested response, thereby making the conversation natural and effortless. 😊 Secondly, you’d better ask an indirect question. For instance, rather than asking, “Do you enjoy listening to jazz when you work from home?”, you may say, “I don’t know about you, but I love listening to jazz when I work from home. Jazz without lyrics is so therapeutic. And if I listen to Japanese songs, I can focus on my work as well – I don’t understand Japanese, so it’s not a distraction.” (This is actually an indirect question because “I don’t know about you…” is a hook which will indirectly engage her with your remark. Now she will understand what you say is something that she needs to respond to naturally.)

When she is reading a book at the table, you touch her glasses to scare her a bit (to flirt with her). Unlike other women who feel entertained by your playful move, she shows a frowning facial expression. Now you should say this to her, “Sorry, I have to admit that even though that was a playful and spontaneous attempt, we apparently have different senses of humor. But that’s okay. We will forget this because I’m still very curious to know whether you and I have anything in common. Why not start over?” Very few men are so confident and socially savvy. Remember: dating skills will make an Eastern European woman feel genuinely connected to you, whereas lines can only take you so far.

online dating

  • Why do so many single men join

Realistically, the general non-committal nature of the dating market in modern western countries has caused the need for Plan B, Plan C and Plan D. In other words, many women have lots of backup plans – they don’t want to overinvest in one person (they are thinking… “If this guy leaves, I can always have someone else.”) What’s more, statistics show that almost 50% of the adult population in western countries are single now. Take San Francisco as an example. This city has a large number of successful and intelligent single men. Consequently, women know there is always an abundance of men. From an economic point of view, it can be seen that when there is a huge amount of supply, the price automatically falls. Indeed, why would a woman be happy with a good man if she is continuously offered the chance to date exciting men? That is to say, dating in western countries has already become a numbers game, which is sad but true. As a result, a lot of men in western countries have decided to join international dating sites like in order to meet, date and marry Eastern European women who have more traditional values. 😊

Before the pandemic, you definitely had more ways to meet women – you could meet them in bars and pubs, you could meet them while travelling, you could meet them at social events…. But during COVID-19, online dating has become the only way to meet women. That means switched-on men are flexible – they can adjust their approach in trying times.

“Online dating is a very practical skill that modern single men should master.”