This article has some raw and uncomfortable truth about how confidence works. It’s only for those who are ready for the truth and are keen to meet Ukrainian women.

  • How failure ironically makes you more confident:

People who are the most comfortable with failure are the most successful people.

Last year a client hired me as her business coach because she was keen to start a business. During our first session, I gave her an assessment to do because we had to figure out how much she could tolerate risk. The result of that assessment showed that she was unable to take a risk – her risk tolerance level was very, very low.

Ideally, you’d better keep your current job because entrepreneurship isn’t really for you,” I said to this client, “I know entrepreneurship sounds very cool and is extremely popular nowadays, but it doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.”

I think some business coaches might just take her money and tell her what she wanted to hear. Nevertheless, that was not what I did. Because of my honesty, she has kept her day job and is currently working on her risk tolerance levels.

That is to say, she should quit her job and start a business only if her risk tolerance level is high – she has to be comfortable in failure before she can run a successful business. Otherwise, it’s not good for her.

Yes, when your parents tell you to get a real job, they are just trying to protect you! After all, you have to decide how much you can tolerate risks in business.

A large number of successful businesses are created by people who dropped out of schools or universities because these individuals are the most comfortable with risks as well as negative experiences (they are also those who reap the most benefits).

This sounds quite counterintuitive, but it’s the truth. We may worry that if we are comfortable in failure, we will become failures. However, the reality doesn’t work like that at all.

As I see it, comfort in failure lets us act without fear, communicate without judgement and love without anxiety. It’s ending the Catch-22 cycle or breaking the losers’ pattern.

  • The power of self-acceptance:

Ironically, accepting that you are not a confident person will start to make you feel more confident, partly because you will stop overthinking, and partly because you won’t judge yourself anymore.

Everyone is flawed, and that’s fine. Be okay with that.

I have received lots of messages from my audience & a lot of them talk about various problems in their lives that are 100% normal.

In actuality, most people have had relationship problems; most people have family issues; most people feel depressed or anxious at some point; everyone wishes they were more motivated and more successful.

Those things aren’t fun, but they are old news. They are very common.

No, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do something about the problems that you are dealing with. I mean you would be ill-advised to chase perfection.

Accept yourself. You are okay.

When you surrender in self-acceptance, you can grow your self-confidence organically. Then when you meet Ukrainian women, you will be the most confident version of yourself.

“Ukrainian women are attracted to very confident men.”