Dating an elegant, high-quality Ukraine woman requires you to be a high-quality candidate.

  • What’s your “not-to-do list”?

Yes, everyone has a to-do list when they join the dating scene: They get a new haircut, buy a new outfit, go to the gym, join a new social circle, etc. These are fine and necessary, but I would argue that having a “not-to-do” list is equally important.

American entrepreneur Tim Ferriss talks about the importance of a “not-to-do list”:

1) Don’t answer phone calls from unrecognized numbers.

2) Don’t email first thing in the morning and/or last thing in the evening.

3) Don’t agree to calls or meetings with no end time or clear agenda.

4) Don’t let others ramble.

5) Don’t check emails too frequently.

6) Don’t overcommunicate with high-maintenance and low-profit clients.

7) Don’t do more to overcome overwhelm.

8) Don’t carry a phone all the time.

9) Don’t use work to fill a void which personal relationships should.

What’s more, Charlie Munger mentions that a lot of his investing success is actually built on avoiding stupid mistakes rather than being an amazing genius.

This “not-to-do” list theory also applies to your love life. As I see it, you don’t have to be extremely smart or super lucky in order to find a wonderful relationship. However, you have to avoid stupid mistakes which waste lots of time. The No. 1 mistake is marrying the wrong person who you know deep down is bad for you. That could be bad behaviors: one-upmanship, lying, neediness, etc. That could be differences in way of life: you have very little in common in terms of how you would like to spend your time. That could also be different value systems: one person cares about family, whereas the other person is too selfish. You must identify the above-mentioned things quickly and tell yourself, “No matter what, I will not get into a romantic relationship if I have tremendous doubts about the foundations.” When you take your “not-to-do” list seriously, you will stop making decisions based on chemistry only. Instead, you will start to look for a Ukraine woman who is a good teammate. You will have room for the right woman when you don’t waste your time in a toxic relationship.

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  • What is value anyway?

The term ‘value’ in strategy refers to how the value dominates the decision-making, demand, management and strategies. Basically, it identifies a method of performing value chain activities more quickly and more effectively. It facilitates a cost-effective approach. When the completion is relatively high on the market and there are a large number of buyers with power, it works even better. When near identical products are on the market, it also performs better. Value is considered one of the most dominating factors which determines the demand & supply of products or services.

Different industries and environments may have different priorities and focuses. Therefore, value on various levels can be very different. Closer examination is required in specific contexts.

Research shows that about 45% of people haven’t found a life purpose yet. Many people have anxiety because of that. But actually, purpose isn’t something that we just decide. It’s something that we discover and develop.

If you read self-help books, those authors would probably tell you to do what you love and that is your purpose. Yet I would argue that if this is so simple, you must have found your purpose already and wouldn’t need to read those books in the first place. So, my suggestion is to do what you are willing to work hard at. That will possibly become your purpose.

What’s more, if you are willing to work hard in order to become very good at something and you also enjoy the process, it means that activity is very likely to be your purpose. You need to make something real out in the world, and then you follow that path and allow your purpose to unfold in front of you.

“According the Ukraine women that I’ve met, the way you describe your purpose is much less important than what you do with that purpose. Your action is more meaningful than your words.”