Safer dating in modern-day society: 3 Stage of a relationship with a Slavic woman

Realistically, there are three stages of love when you start a real relationship with a Slavic lady. Now without further ado, I’m going to discuss this in detail in this article. The first stage of a relationship is to build attraction. This is the initial stage of a romantic relationship which is best characterized by chemistry. Women fall in love at this stage. If a lady doesn’t find you attractive [...]

How to appreciate your Eastern European wife

The art of appreciation in relationships is the most important part in the dynamics. Appreciation is a more powerful emotion than gratitude because gratitude is about feeling grateful after receiving some benefits, whereas appreciation is about feeling grateful unconditionally. Notice the ways your Eastern European wife contributes to your life. After being married for a few years, a lot of men take their wives for granted. This is the main [...]

From the First Date to a Real Relationship with a Ukrainian lady

Finding a Ukrainian woman isn’t hard. Making her yours is much harder. But fortunately, there are many ways to start an official relationship! A letter to a western guy looking for love: Last night I received a letter from an American guy who is looking for dating advice. He has been talking to aUkrainian womanon the Internet for quite a while, but she is hot and cold. He feels totally [...]

Meeting Ladies from Ukraine: Creative Ideas for the First Date

When you go to Ukraine, you might meet a large number of Ukrainian ladies. But do you know how to ask a Ukrainian woman out for a date without being awkward? How to plant the seed for the first date: Let’s say you are in Ukraine and you’ve approached a Ukrainian lady in a coffee shop. You’ve traded eye contact and smiles. You’ve got the courage to start a conversation [...]

The Qualities of High-value Men That Ukrainian Women Like

I don’t believe in generalization, so I shouldn’t say all Ukrainian women are looking for these traits in men. Therefore, I can only say these qualities are common traits that most Ukrainian ladieswant when it comes to looking for desirable men. Ukrainian women want to see social proof at the beginning of a relationship. What does “social proof” mean? Well, this term was coined by Robert Cialdini in his well-known [...]

What if you are nervous on a date with an Eastern European woman?

Ifyou meet Megan Fox right now, how would you feel? Nervous? A bit anxious because she is too beautiful for you? Well, that’s exactly what Eastern European women should feel when they meet you! It’s time to turn the tables now. On the first date, thisEastern European ladyhasn’t proved herself yet. If you feel nervous on the first date with anEastern European lady, that means you are worried whether she [...]

Dating Slavic Women: Are you a waiter or a creator?

Don’t leave your love life to chance. A switched-on man would never wait until things happen to him because he always goes out to happen to things. The fact that you are reading this blog right now means you are probably a switched-on man because most men wouldn’t look for dating advice online. (Most people never look for any advice. Sad but true.) Why do successful men date Slavic women? [...]

Meeting Russian LadiesOver 40: Understanding Mature Women

In western countries, it is said that women over 40 years of age have hit the wall, meaning their beauty and good looks are gone; consequently, men don’t find them very attractive anymore. Worse still, every woman has a biological clock, so ladies above 40 years old are becoming more anxious. But does the wall also apply to Russian women over 40? Surprisingly, many Russian ladies above 40 years old [...]