Dating advice for Eastern European ladies looking for true love

As an empowered Eastern European woman, you deserve true love that actually makes you happy, satisfied and inspired. This guide will reveal several untold secrets to finding the type of love that you desire. 😉 (By the way, if you are a man reading this blog post right now, this article will help you understand yourself better!) Say yes to everything first, and then say no when you have options. [...]

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Before meeting a Ukrainian lady, you must feel good enough

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong somewhere or feel like it’s just a matter of time before somebody realizes that they have made a mistake to spend more time with you? You are a smart and capable guy, but you sit at the dinner table and wonder why this Ukrainian lady has chosen you because you don’t really feel worthy of her attention. Other people compliment you for [...]

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How to make your date with an Eastern European lady very memorable

Perhaps you are bored by the “dinner-and-movie” dates. You and your lady sit at the boring table, have dinner and then see a standard movie. You have already done this with a lot of people; consequently, this dull routine makes you want to yawn. From now on, you can do things very differently and take your dating life to the next level through having exciting dates. In this blog post, [...]

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How to go out socially with full confidence before meeting a woman from Eastern Europe

Have you ever gone out with a wing man or a wing woman? Most men learn dating skills via trial and error. As a consequence, dating is a daunting experience for most men. This blog post will explain why you should probably go out with a wing woman instead of a wing man. A wing woman is always better than a wing man. When you go out with your wing [...]

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The art of storytelling when you are dating a Ukrainian woman

The ability to tell effective stories is one of the most paramount skills that you need in terms of attracting Ukrainian women naturally. We are going to share several quick tips about storytelling in this blog post so that you will become a wonderful conversationalist on a date! Prepare very compelling materials. Leaders are readers. If you read a book each month, you will have lots of very interesting things [...]

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How to pass the tests while dating a Slavic woman

“Your eyes are beautiful.” You say this to a Slavic lady that you’ve just met. “Do you say that to every woman?” She suddenly asks you this question. Yes. It’s a test! She puts you in a new frame to see whether you can maintain your inner stillness or not. Now we are going to show you how to pass the tests! Step 1 is to not fail the test, [...]

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Why do Eastern European women test you?

We know nobody likes the test! But it’s so common and unavoidable when you are trying to date Eastern European women. Fear not, dear friends. What if we are here to tell you that tests are actually a very good thing? Indeed, it’s a positive sign that you’re doing something so right. Let’s explain this in this blog post. If you know why tests happen as well as how to [...]

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How Eastern European women take care of themselves during the pandemic

The content in this blog post is contributed by several Eastern European women who know how to look after themselves during the current pandemic. We’ve adapted the content so that men can benefit from their ideas! How to design a fabulous lifestyle: Switched-on men are aware of the fact that they can proactively design a happy lifestyle without letting things just happen to them. More specifically, alpha men go out [...]

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