The ultimate dating safety advice for modern daters

Financial security is of vital importance when it comes to dating and relationships, especially in today’s day and age. If you are looking for advice on financial safety in this regard, this article is exactly what you need to read. Money isn’t the root of all evil, not having it is. After working in the dating industry for almost two decades, I have realized that almost all scammers are broke. [...]

Mistakes you should avoid so that you can date safely

In today’s day and age, everyone in the dating department must learn more about dating safety because this should be the No. 1 priority for every dater nowadays. Today I’m going to outline the most common mistakes that people make in dating and relationships so that you can avoid these mistakes in the future. You are welcome 😉 Are you dating a player? The most common mistake that people often [...]

Dating safely in 2021 and beyond

Today I’d like to write something that most dating coaches don’t want to talk about – the uncomfortable truth about dating safely in this day and age. A person who refuses to back down, is decisive about things they want and speaks their mind freely always gains others’ respect in dating and relationships. This isn’t about being mean; it’s about having the confidence which leads to authority. Certainty is sexy. [...]

How to actually attract true love and date safely

Have you ever had an experience where you didn’t put any energy into your looks or grooming but met someone who told you how good-looking you are? Or had a day when all lights turn green for you, everybody offers you help and someone gives you exactly what you want? Those experiences are not simply coincidence or good luck; those are the results of Law of Attraction. Interestingly, Law of [...]

Safe dating websites: Is serendipity real?

In 2001, there was a movie called Serendipity in which Jonathan Trager and Sara Thomas’s love story has deeply moved millions of people worldwide. Of course, we know that’s a fictional story, but the theory of serendipity can be applied to real-life safe dating to some degree. Don’t underestimate the power of surrender. Lissa Rankin (author of The Fear Cure) once said, “If you’d like to achieve a goal, you [...]

How to attract a Russian woman & make her yours

A Russian woman is attracted to your perceived challenge, so you have to create an initial challenge as you meet her. 😉 How to disagree with her and build perceived challenge: It’s okay to agree with what she says most of the time, yet if you are chatting with her for more than one hour, probably you need to disagree with her at least once. Of course, you need to [...]

Which approach is better, online dating or offline dating?

2 decades ago, online dating was a taboo topic, yet these days internet dating is very mainstream. For a lot of individuals, internet dating is possibly the only method of finding someone suitable as most people look at their phones all the time. Apparently, offline communication is becoming rare nowadays. Internet dating is a bit like making passive income. Please allow me to use a business analogy. When you join [...]

How to date an Eastern European woman in the modern ADHD society

Everyone lives in the modern ADHD society where people are always checking their phones. A song is shorter than 4 minutes and the viral videos on Facebook are shorter than 30 seconds. When individuals’ attention span is extremely short, finding love becomes more difficult because most people are not patient. However, you can date an Eastern European lady even in this fast-paced society. Your external confidence can boost your inner [...]