Love is hard during normal times, not to mention uncertain times. But it doesn’t necessarily mean your love life has to be challenging right now.

dating safety

  • The pandemic has increased the divorce rate.

Being locked down together by the pandemic has made many couples break up. Here is why: If a couple are unhappily married, the majority of their conversations will be negative or neutral. Now their routines have been changed, so they have to face their conflict all the time. In contrast, before the pandemic, most unhappily married couples would just do their own things without getting divorced.

  • What if you are single?

Yes, there are also some ideas for singles to consider –

  1. Join a dating website and enjoy virtual dates.
  2. Go out and meet the person that you’ve met on the dating website & have a social distancing date, e.g., you meet each other in person in a coffeehouse and sit at two different tables.
  3. Use this period of time to level upso you will meet a high-quality partner when the pandemic is over, e.g., study male/female psychology and human dynamics & learn how to be a great conversationalist (you can read some books or buy a relevant online program).

dating safety

  • Online dating safety tips for beginners:

15 years ago, internet dating was a taboo. Nevertheless, nowadays online dating apps are very, very common because internet dating has become so mainstream right now. Yet do you know how to stay safe when dating online?

      1) Always meet people in public places.

After chatting online for a while, you will have some matches, so obviously, you will go out for dates with people that you’ve met via online dating apps. The No. 1 rule that you have to remember is you must meet them in public venues such as coffeehouses and restaurants.

      2) Make sure your phone’s battery is fully charged.

Before you go out for a date with someone that you’ve met on the internet, you’d better make sure that your smart phone’s battery is fully charged. In this way, if something goes wrong, you can call your friends or family for help when that is possible and necessary. For example, let’s say you’re on a date with a stranger and something doesn’t seem to be right. You can go to the toilet and call a friend who can pick you up as quickly as possible.

      3) Tell at least one person that you are going out for a date with someone that you’ve met on a dating site.

I know dating is very personal and private, but you don’t have to do it alone, especially when it comes to Internet dating when risks are involved. By that I mean you would be well-advised to tell someone you trust that you’re going to meet a stranger in person after chatting with them online. For instance, you can say this to your best friend, “This Friday afternoon at 3pm, I’m going out for a date with someone that I’ve met on a dating website. I will meet that person at Starbucks. If something isn’t quite right, I will text you and then you’ll call me so that I will answer the phone in front of that person and find an excuse to leave early.”

“Dating safety has to be your priority.”