Do you and your partner have compatible values? More importantly, do you and your partner have compatible flaws? Many relationships don’t work out. The situation can be a work relationship, a friendship, a mentorship or a romantic relationship. If someone keeps disappointing you, it’s important for you to know when to move on. This is our dating safety tip today.

  • Know when to move on.

The first indicator that reveals it’s time to move on is lack of respect. This can be abuse or an indifferent attitude. Without respect, you don’t really have a relationship with that person.

The second indicator is repeated lies. If someone is always lying to you, they don’t have your interests at heart. The relationship is already over.

The third indicator is a one-way street. That means you are contributing to the relationship, whereas that person isn’t adding any value to the relationship. When this happens consistently, you need to consider moving on.

The fourth indicator is failed discussions. This means that you’ve tried to seriously discuss key issues that need to be addressed in this relationship. You’ve clearly told that person what has to be done, but those discussions always failed. Well, maybe that person has quit on you already.

Okay. Now you are aware of the four indicators, so you can make an informed decision today.

  • Here are three ways to become more resilient when times are hard.

No. 1: Build a strong social network. This isn’t just about who you know; it’s also about who knows you. If you are looking for new opportunities, who knows you is important because when that person has a new opportunity, they may think of you. No. 2: Master your emotions before they run your life. Wildly successful people have something in common – they rarely have emotional highs and lows. If someone becomes too excited and extremely happy, chances are this person can become very sad or even depressed, too. So, successful individuals tend to have stable emotions.  No. 3: Accept what you can’t change and focus your energy on what you can change. Resilient people reappraise a challenging situation and identify opportunities within it.

  • The truth about fear:

It’s very normal to have some kind of fear that is holding you back. But the good news is you can eliminate that fear. Hopefully you find the dating safety tip useful and can be applied to other areas of your life as well.

The first way that will help you never let fear hold you back is to feel the fear and do it anyway. When you feel the fear, just take action and get moving immediately. Interestingly, when you feel the fear and still take massive action, the fear that is holding you back disappears gradually by itself!

The second way that will help you eliminate fear is to understand that feelings aren’t facts. Fear is just a feeling; it’s not a fact. Here is an acronym: F = False; E = Energy; A = Appearing; R = Real. Yes, FEAR is just false energy appearing real. It’s not a fact!

Do you sometimes feel like you are being pushed around in life? That is an unpleasant feeling, and unfortunately, it happens to everyone at some stage, especially when people are confused in life or work. Having a sense of control is a fundamental human goal, and there are several ways to gain a sense of control.

Now I’d like you to identify the thinnest slice by thinking super small first because small is manageable & small actions are better than misguided big actions. By that I mean you need to find out the absolute smallest thing that you can do right now to make the car move – this metaphor means when the car is moving, you will get some feedback quickly. In contrast, stagnation makes you even more confused and lost.

Perhaps the thinnest slice right now is to call a friend and ask for support. Or maybe the thinnest slice is to read a book about how to solve the problem you have currently. Just do that right now.

Then you will see how things gradually change as a result. That’s when you begin to have momentum.

“Three tips on how to continue dating your spouse after “I do”: 1) Have a date night once a week. 2) Go somewhere for a vacation regularly. 3) Learn something new together.”