The meaning of life – what a big topic! Well, according to American author James Altucher, it’s not really necessary to pursue the meaning of life all the time – you simply need to make the most of the life you have. 😉

  • An Eastern European woman’s take on the meaning of life:

As an Eastern European woman, I have an unusual understanding of the meaning of life because I’ve lived in five countries and I speak four languages. Due to certain circumstances, I haven’t seen my parents for more than 11 years, but I talk to them online almost every day. In this situation, the best way for me to maximize the joy of life is to fully enjoy the freedom that I have right now, for after reuniting with my parents in the future, I obviously won’t have the freedom that I have today. 😊 Yes, I remain positive at all times.

During the previous two decades, I’ve experienced dating, marriage, divorce, and singledom – I’ve done it all. I don’t have any regret in my life. Right now I’m working very hard in order to reunite with my parents – this is my primary goal currently.

To be honest, my mother and I don’t really get along very well, yet I strongly believe that we deeply, truly love each other. Therefore, I sincerely hope that destiny will give us the opportunity to reunite soon. My father is younger than my mother, so his health is better. My parents’ marriage certainly had ups and downs (just like every marriage in this world).

The average person only has about 30,000 days on this planet; thus, we have to make every day count! I’m sure most people have some kind of stress in life; however, we can choose to react to the stress tactfully, e.g., by learning important lessons from adversity, seeing the humor in this process & embracing the uncertainty which inevitably brings opportunities.

Eastern European women

  • A lesson will be repeated until it’s learned.

I had 2 unhealthy relationships. Honestly, I learned the lesson from the first unhealthy relationship, so quite frankly, the second unhealthy relationship was significantly better. That being said, probably I didn’t fully identify and learn the lesson from the first unhealthy relationship; consequently, the second unhealthy relationship was highly stressful as well.

Luckily, now I’ve fully learned the lessons from those experiences; as a result, I haven’t been in a toxic relationship for many years now. Life has become more stable and more enjoyable because right now I am single and dating – lots of freedom and joy.

If you are reading this blog post now, here is my question for you: Have you learned the lessons from your previous relationships?

  • Dating Eastern European women is a jolly experience.

Research shows that Eastern European ladies are the ultimate high-quality candidates on the dating market due to the following reasons:

  1. They have traditional values, so they respect their husbands and they want children.
  1. They have natural beauty, so they don’t need to wear heavy makeup.
  1. They have a good sense of fashion; thus, they are very presentable and elegant.
  1. They value education; hence, they are willing to be life-long learners.

A study conducted by our website indicates that an increasing number of western guys are looking to meet and date Eastern European ladies because they find women from Eastern Europe much more attractive. Indeed, while western women tend to take men for granted and can’t take criticism very well, ladies from Eastern Europe are generally more modest and honest – more importantly, they cherish their relationships with men that they admire.

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