There are many ways to make a Slavic woman fall in love with you. Let me share some best tips today! 😊


  • Be unpredictable.


I’m not saying you are supposed to be emotional unstable. I mean you shouldn’t be boring! She needs to keep discovering something exciting and new about you! For instance, when a Slavic woman is expecting a pretty standard dinner date at home, you’ve ordered the surprise dessert delivery!

This is also an effective way to condition her emotions and feelings. Please let me explain.

Every time she thinks of you, what associations does she have? Affection? A good sense of humor? In truth, the perfect associations should be: adventure, excitement and playfulness. Yes, you are a reliable and trustworthy guy, but at the same time, you demonstrate a spontaneous and playful side when she interacts with you. This creates a unique pairing: You are highly reliable; you are also good fun! As a result, you become irreplaceable – you’ve conditioned her feelings when she spends quality time with you.


  • The attraction formula:


Stephen Hussey says the attraction formula is actually universal because it always works no matter what kind of woman you are looking for:

Perceived Challenge + Perceived Value + Visual Chemistry = Uncontrollable Attraction

First and foremost, perceived challenge is the amount of effort a Slavic woman has to make so as to attract you. Indeed, you’d better turn the tables and let her chase you to some degree. Ask her questions and see whether she meets your standards! 😉

Second, perceived value is about how valuable you are from her point of view. A high-value guy is intelligent, resourceful and confident, so you have to show her your strengths through interesting/engaging conversations with her. Again, you should show her; don’t tell her!

Last but not least, visual chemistry is important. Well, you may invest in a professional stylist’s advice as you will benefit from professional advice forever. This is a quick way to turn insecurities into empowerment.

  • How to get your lady back after the painful breakup:


Okay. I fully understand that kind of pain. Now she is gone. You want to know how to get her back. Well, please only use the advice below if you think she is actually the right person for you!

First and most importantly, don’t contact her for at least 21 days. She has to feel the loss completely. Just let her totally realize that you are not in her life any longer. Therefore, you are not allowed to contact her for at least 21 days! Meanwhile, you shouldn’t post anything on social media platforms. That is to say, you have to disappear from her world for at least 21 days. Please make sure that your friends don’t tell her anything about you either.

The second step is to post a good photo on social media so she will see you’re pretty happy with your life now. For example, on the 22nd day, you post a picture on social media. In this picture, you are doing something relaxing and interesting, e.g., you go to the gallery and have a good time; you look very relaxed in the picture. She will surely look at your picture very carefully as she is certainly curious about your life right now.

The third step is to send her a text message in a tactful way. If she hasn’t contacted you after seeing your new picture on social media, you’ll send her a text message on Day 30: simply say something like, “Today under the sofa I accidentally found the bracelet that you were wearing during our holiday in 2021. Do you still need the bracelet?” In this moment, the power of memories will make her want to run back to you!

All right, please let me reiterate: you will only use the above-mentioned strategies if you think this woman is the right woman for you!


  • The truth about forgiveness:


All couples fight. Conflict is an opportunity for you to grow. Without conflict/change, a relationship literally becomes stagnant. In fact, change is the only constant in life.

In a romantic relationship with a Slavic woman, you’ll only know if you two are actually compatible when you go through conflict. If you have compatible approaches to conflict, it’s a good relationship.

Oftentimes after you’ve managed conflict in your relationship successfully, you feel closer to each other as now you’re growing together.

In my opinion, forgiveness is probably about hiding the stressful experience in the corner of the room. It’s still stressful. Only when you have no one to forgive can you truly experience personal growth: you have become a wiser individual because of that person; therefore, there is nobody to forgive! You should be grateful!

 “When you don’t have anybody to forgive, life becomes so liberating!”