Have you ever had an experience where you didn’t put any energy into your looks or grooming but met someone who told you how good-looking you are? Or had a day when all lights turn green for you, everybody offers you help and someone gives you exactly what you want? Those experiences are not simply coincidence or good luck; those are the results of Law of Attraction. Interestingly, Law of Attraction can be applied to safer dating as well.

  • What is Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction isn’t some woo-woo stuff that some crystal-wearing guru teaches on a Saturday morning via Facebook or Instagram live videos. In fact, Law of Attraction is about feeling good before good things happen to you – in life, you can only get things that match your vibration energy. Please let me explain.

When you feel good, the quality of people that you attract is usually high. In contrast, when you feel miserable, the quality of people that you can attract tends to be lower. The universe can only give you what you are able to handle when it comes to safer dating.

Therefore, a practical way to implement Law of Attraction is to proactively feel good in the first place. Gala Darling says her full-time job is to feel good! If you need some help, here are some great tips that will support you in your safer dating journey:

  1. Go to artistic shops for window-shopping. You don’t even need to bring your wallet with you; you can simply go there and enjoy the design of those products, e.g., jewelry, paintings, etc. In this way, you are able to appreciate the beauty of art without spending your money – use those stores as galleries. Modern psychology has proven that psychology can only treat symptoms, whereas art can treat the root cause of many issues.
  2. Decorate yourself: this can be wearing beautiful clothes, gorgeous jewelry, flattering makeup, and so forth. Elizabeth Gilbert has a friend who gets tattoos very often – that friend says, “I’d like to decorate my body when I still have it. Life is short!” That’s a great attitude toward life. When you decorate your body, you feel better instantly, thereby boosting your external confidence. Don’t forget that your external confidence can immediately influence your internal confidence, so this technique is very powerful, although it looks superficial.
  3. Think about positive experiences in the past: Which experiences are the best in your life so far? Perhaps you went to Hawaii and had the most memorable holiday ever? Maybe you visited Disneyland and that was your most unforgettable day? Print photos that were taken on those days & put those precious photos on the wall – look at them every single day. Each time you look at these valuable photos, they remind you of your great experiences. Therefore, these photos have become emotional buttons that can give you positive emotions and feelings any time.
  4. Create anticipation deliberately: Which exciting activities that you can do later this month or this year? Are you interested in going to a concert? Would you like to try a new restaurant in the city center? Plan those activities now and feel the excitement today!
  5. Read a book about safer dating: Go to a local bookstore and use your intuition to guide you, thereby choosing the right reading material regarding safer dating and relationships. If you show me your bookshelf at home, I will understand your current life and may predict your future 😉

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  • Allow good things to happen to you.

Abraham Hicks famously introduced the concept of allowing, i.e., after asking for what you want, you need to be patient and allow good things to come to you. Obviously, the egg is good at allowing. The egg is a role model in this regard.

Tosha Silver even teaches her audience to get rid of their vision boards and allow good things to come to them. That’s absolutely liberating when it comes to safer dating – if you have 100 standards for your future partner, maybe it’s time to stop looking at this shopping list now and start allowing good people to meet you in the first place. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should forget all your standards; I mean you shouldn’t let your standards limit your options.

Everyone is naturally wired for egg wisdom and Law of Attraction. No matter you are aware of it or not, this theory applies to you. You don’t need to make 10 vision boards and visualize on a daily basis. You just need to trust that safer dating is for you. Focus on appreciation rather than gratitude for a couple of weeks, and see how things unfold in front of you, because appreciation is about noticing what you like regarding what is right in front of you, whereas gratitude is a different concept, although gratitude is also important.

 “Use Law of Attraction to see what amazing things come swimming toward you.”