Being a great boyfriend means being the best version of yourself so you will get the best out of your girlfriend. It’s simple, but it’s not easy to do! 😉

  • A great boyfriend makes her feel like her best self.

Every woman wants a man like that. Someone who inspires them to become better by having faith in them and encouraging them to fulfill their potential.

So, it’s your responsibility to encourage your girlfriend to put herself out there and make her dreams come true. Believe in her 100%!

Please analyze your girlfriend’s love language. Is it words of affirmation, physical touch, gifts, quality time or act of service? Use those love triggers to your advantage. 😉

Of course, you also need to know how to care for yourself. You don’t rely on her to fulfill every need of yours. No one is turned on by a dependent guy, okay?

A great girlfriend will want to know that you have your own sources of joy outside this romantic relationship that inspire you all the time.

Also, a healthy relationship is best characterized by comfort and desire. When two people live together, life suddenly becomes comfortable – that’s not the ideal relationship because you also need to have desire.

  • A great boyfriend is a confident man.

If you would like to make progress, moments of pressure will be inevitable. This applies to your love life and your career.

In order to move forward, you must handle challenging questions, sell ideas, speak in public and win other people over to your viewpoint, even if you are an introvert.

No matter what you want to achieve, you will eventually face the first date, the important job interview, the tough conversation, and so on. Truthfully, if you would like to stand out and be outstanding, you must have people skills.

Well, this isn’t about becoming the loudest person in the crowd. It’s actually about being comfortable with who you really are and have a sense of authenticity.

First and foremost, you should be a contributor who adds value to the interaction. Do not be a bystander.

You look more charismatic when you contribute to the dynamics. Be the guy who always has something valuable to add to the interaction instead of being the bystander all the time.

A high-value guy offers solutions to other people’s problems. You need to speak up when the time is right. Be vocal.

In reality, you can add value in many different ways – give solid advice, bring good fun to a dinner party, be a decisive boyfriend, pay your girlfriend a compliment, share skills, and so forth.

Bring good value to each social context – this will make other people feel better when they spend time with you.

Secondly, a confident man is positive about his future. Remember: charisma focuses on future possibilities rather than what happened in the past.

Apart from that, a truly confident guy is 100% present. When you are talking to your Russian girlfriend, please do not think about something else in the back of your head. She deserves your full attention.

Thirdly, a man with core confidence is willing to take social risks. Ask the difficult question. Have the tough conversation.

You can practice your social muscles by going to karaoke and doing more public speaking. You can practice your charisma by starting a YouTube channel and saying yes to upscale parties.

  • How to tell whether your Russian girlfriend is impressed….

If she digs for questions in order to keep the conversation going, it means she is impressed by what you have just said. Also, she may drop several subtle brags if she wants to impress you!

You know you have turned the tables if she tells you about her big plans at work and some major achievements that she is very proud of.

Besides, she is already impressed if she maintains intense eye contact with you all the time. Meanwhile, she clearly remembers what you say! This usually means she is storing away what you’ve said in order to impress you. Remember: ladies are very attentive with men who they are attracted to!

A Russian woman would easily make time for you if she is impressed by you. If she prioritizes time to catch up with you, it means she really likes you.

  • Be a good listener.

If you think your opinion is more urgent or more interesting, you will want to be heard first. You have to get over this unhelpful mindset in conversations.

When you talk with your girlfriend from Russia, you should wonder, “What great ideas does she have to offer?”

In the first place, you should realize that keeping your girlfriend interested is far from enough. A wonderful conversation should leave both individuals delighted.

Yes, you are interesting, but you also need to make her feel very interesting as well. Both elements are key.

In the second place, you should totally dig further. Make sure you give your lady a chance to talk about her true passions.

Therefore, if she says, “The American TV show Mad Men is a cult. I love that show so much.”

You may say, “Now I’m just curious – what would you say to people who haven’t watched that show yet in terms of the best part of that show?”

Now you will know what drives her and her core values by digging further in conversations.

  • Never stop flirting with your girlfriend.

Even if you are already in a long-term relationship, you still have to keep the spark alive. That’s exactly why flirting is so important in long-term relationships.

Basically, flirting is showing her that you are attracted to her. You genuinely like her.

Don’t try to sound witty and clever. Don’t boast about your achievements in your career. Just show her that you really like her – you have discovered something very impressive about her. If you like her ambition, her career choices, or the fact that she writes music and cooks Chinese food in her free time, you should totally tell her!

When you pay her a compliment, she will remember how you have made her feel for a very long time!

Flirting is also an opportunity to build a true connection. You can create intrigue and mystery through flirting.

By the way, here is why you shouldn’t brag: until you’ve already made some progress on a project at work, you are not supposed to brag. Only discuss results. Do not discuss plans.

Remember: talking about your plans creates the illusion of making progress. Many men are locked in the planning stage – they like meetings rather than the actual hard work which can move the needle forward.

As a high-value guy, you are supposed to prioritize what you do more than what you say.

“Your Russian lady would be impressed if you are a decisive action taker rather than a talker only.”