Singledom is very underrated in a society where marriage is highly respected. I acknowledge the fact that marriage is a beautiful thing, but I would argue that singledom isn’t necessarily worse than marriage. In fact, both statuses can be very fulfilling or miserable, depending on the circumstances. If you are a single man reading this blog post, I’d like to encourage you to fully enjoy your singledom so you will be ready for international dating.

  • Before figuring out how to get married, do you know how to be single?

As a single guy, have you done any of these alone?

  1. Going to the movies
  2. Going to restaurants for dinner
  3. Domestic travel
  4. International travel

Statistics show that about 50% of single people have done all of the above activities alone. In contrast, only 20% of married people have done the above-mentioned activities alone.

Now here is the reality check: When you are in a relationship, you go to the movies with your spouse – 1/3 of the time you probably have to see a movie that you don’t even like, right? (Just because you and your spouse are not supposed to sit in two different movie theatres) But if you go to the movies alone, you can see whatever you want and eat whatever snack you like!

As a single person, I’ve done all of those activities alone. Sometimes I make plans for a night out by myself – having dinner in a restaurant and then going to the movies to see the most exciting movie alone; I’ve visited well-known islands and been on cruise ships alone; I’ve travelled internationally alone. Frankly, I thoroughly enjoyed those experiences because I always did what I actually liked – I’ve lived my dreams.

I was in a long-term relationship before. I wouldn’t say that relationship wasn’t meaningful because we stayed married for several years and there was a reason why we got married. However, when I look back on those days, I have to admit that being single isn’t worse than being married because I truly value freedom and happiness.

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  • Before you pursue international dating….

Don’t get me wrong. As a matter of fact, I have nothing against marriage. Actually, I believe that marriage is absolutely necessary and amazing – the intimacy, the adventure, the experience, the creativity… the possibilities are endless in a marriage, as long as you explore life together with your partner.

That being said, everyone would be well-advised to realize that being single and being married can be equally satisfying, so long as you know how to be single!

Since I’m a single individual, I go to the hair salon once a month for a haircut & a head massage; I get a massage & a facial once a week in a spa, so that I can receive enough touch – according to psychotherapist Esther Perel, we wouldn’t die from lack of intimacy, but we would die from lack of touch. That’s why apart from a monthly head massage and haircut as well as a weekly massage & facial, I also wear silk clothing – my skin is always touched by something smooth! This habit has significantly improved my health and wellbeing.

Singledom has a major advantage – lots of freedom. Indeed, as a single person, I have a lot of free time, so I can actually read many books. I’m very happy with my reading list this year! More importantly, I am able to implement what I’ve learned from books; I can change my career if I want to; I can start a new hobby if I’m keen.

  • Learn to love your life with or without a relationship.

A high-value guy loves his life with or without a girlfriend because he isn’t validated by having a relationship. His confidence comes from within – he fundamentally knows that he is good enough, he is a high-quality candidate in the dating department & he is an alpha male.

When you have a confident attitude like that, you become a great candidate on international dating sites because you have a wonderful life that women want to be a part of!

“This is the ultimate guide to being single so you can be happy in a relationship.”