If you are planning to go out with a Slavic woman, this blog post is surely for you! Hopefully your first date will be absolutely enjoyable! 😊

  • Be the best version of yourself.

Please remember to focus on two things before the first date with a Slavic lady:

  1. Your fashion and grooming – that means you would be well-advised to dress well and get a new haircut if it’s necessary. Don’t tell yourself a range of excuses for why you can’t wear good clothes. Note that life is short, so you’d better make every outfit count anyway! Also, investing in a consultation session with an elite hair stylist would be very helpful because you actually need to know which haircut is suitable for you. Then you can regularly get the haircut in a more affordable salon in the long term. By the way, you must make sure that your breath is absolutely fresh because bad breath is a huge turn-off. I can’t emphasize this enough – a large number of people don’t get the second date simply because of their bad breath. Many years ago when I was a retail sales manager, a staff member had bad breath and that was exactly why customer didn’t like him. Although his sales skills were not too bad, I had to let him go as his grooming was very disappointing – it was a fashion store!
  2. Your conversation – this can be prepared beforehand. Usually, an avid reader is an outstanding conversationalist because someone who reads many books always has a lot of interesting things to talk about. Perhaps you can start to read a book today so that you will have some fun topics on the first date! Another way to build topics for the date is to watch some movies because movies also give you lots of materials to discuss on the date. 😉

Slavic women

  • Activities to do on the first date:

The first date isn’t supposed to be a big adventure because you need to have real conversations in order to find out whether this is the right match or not. Therefore, here are some good ideas:

  1. A 30-minute coffee date;
  2. Visiting the gallery together;
  3. Going to the ice cream parlor together.

These activities are ideal because they aren’t too long. In my opinion, the first date shouldn’t be too long as you don’t need to invest in this person too much at this stage – all you need to do is to figure out whether the chemistry is real, and then you start from there.

In other words, the first date is a bit like an initial interview which helps you find out if you are attracted to each other organically. Don’t forget that if chemistry is absent, you can’t manufacture it at all.

That’s why the first date is supposed to be short, e.g., 30-45 minutes would be enough. If you like each other, you can organize the second date which will be longer!

  • What to talk about on the first date:

I’ve been on many dates so far in my life. Some dates were romantic; some dates weren’t romantic (some dates were simple catch-ups with friends or former colleagues). Thus, I have a good understanding of what to talk about on a date!

  1. Exchange basic information about each other. This is easy – you simply need to talk about who you are, what you do, your education background, your family, etc. I know these facts may sound slightly boring, but if you are looking for a long-term partner, these factors are important because they shape a person’s reality. Your reality and your Slavic woman’s reality must be compatible in the first place.
  2. Identify commonality. People who share something in common are more likely to get along well with each other. Hence, if you and your Slavic lady have the same interests and hobbies, you will definitely spend a lot of free time together and enjoy those passions completely.
  3. Discover things that you’ve never thought of before. Apart from commonality, you also need differences in a relationship, for a relationship is here to help you further explore unlimited possibilities in life! For example, your Slavic lady speaks another language that you know nothing about – maybe that’s an opportunity for you to learn a new language and a new culture?

“The first date is best characterized by a relatively short date, as you can end it easily if it isn’t quite right.”