Most blog articles about dates focus on how to have the perfect first date, but today I’d like to write a blog post about how to have a fantastic second date because to be honest, the second date is just as important as the first date – when you have the second date with someone, it means the chemistry is real – you like each other, so you want to see each other again!

  • Before the second date with a Ukrainian woman….

Many men have dating anxiety before the first date as they often overthink situations – they don’t want to say anything embarrassing or humiliating; they don’t want to do anything inappropriate or awkward. But sadly, overthinking is the cause of dating anxiety.

I’m sure there are hundreds of articles about how to overcome dating anxiety on the Internet, so I’m not going to repeat those ideas here. Now I’d like to talk about how to get ready for the second date! 😊

Okay. Here is the reality check: You have met each other for the first date already; therefore, you have a basic understanding of each other. Because she has said yes to the second date invitation, you know the attraction is mutual – it’s on! This is great news!

Now I’d like you to build the momentum by preparing for the second date well. Here are some helpful suggestions for you:

  1. Wear an outfit that is different from the outfit that you were wearing on the first That means you change your clothes every day and you have a shower on a daily basis; hence, it indicates that your grooming is good. Also, you should add more variety to the interactions anyway, and your fashion is a part of the variety! If you always wear navy or black clothes, perhaps it’s time to invest in a more colorful wardrobe because life is short, you would be well-advised to make every outfit count (and interesting)! Think outside the box – try khaki, sky blue, dark red and brown. You deserve nice clothes! 😉
  2. Wear the same cologne that you were wearing on the first Although variety is important, consistency is also key. Let me explain. Ukrainian women notice small details such as the fragrance you wear on a date; therefore, if you keep wearing the same cologne on each date, that becomes your signature scent which she can’t even forget! Next time when she accidentally smells that scent in a department store, she will think of you immediately. That is the power of the scent! 😊
  3. The second date is supposed to be longer than the first Previously, I mentioned that the first date should be shorter (about 50 minutes maximum) because you need to end the first date early if the chemistry isn’t there at all. When it comes to the second date, I highly encourage you to make it longer than the first date (e.g., 2 hours), so that you can have longer, deeper and more meaningful conversations with this Ukrainian woman. That’s why a dinner date is ideal for the second date.

  • What to talk about on the second date:

Truthfully, the second date should be characterized by jolly conversations and a playful vibe. So, you can talk about what has happened since the first date, anecdotes in the office, plans for the weekend or even the blueprint of your life. In other words, the conversation is supposed to be a mixture of fun flirting and deep / meaningful interactions. That’s exactly how you build attraction further with this Ukrainian woman.

Don’t worry about taboo topics. You can test her and see if she is comfortable with certain taboo topics on the second date. If she is ready to talk about something that is less comfortable, you should do that with her because after talking about some taboo topics, she will feel closer to you emotionally and psychologically. However, if she isn’t ready to talk about anything uncomfortable, you’d better avoid taboo topics on the second date because this journey is long – you will have opportunities in the future to talk about whatever you want in this relationship. 😉

“It turns out that the second date is just as important as the first date.”