If you are too busy with your work to achieve your personal goals such as starting international dating and finding a relationship, this article is definitely for you!

  • How to get stuff done (according to how I write articles):

I write articles quite frequently. The real reason why I’m able to write many articles quickly is because I start to write and then figure out what I’m going to write. Let me explain.

There are two ways to be a writer:

  1. Think about what to write first, and then write exactly that.
  2. Start before you are ready – just get started in front of the computer and you’ll know what you are thinking about as well as writing about.

Research shows that most successful writers belong to the second category, i.e., they just start and then figure out their thoughts, because those who belong to the first category are more likely to be trapped in overthinking – that’s why they can’t even start, not to mention getting stuff done!

For instance, today I’ve written two articles. When I was writing the first article, I already knew what I wanted to write about before I got started – that’s fine, because I am extremely familiar with that topic. But when I was writing the second article, I knew what I was going to write about in Section 1, and then I spontaneously figured out the content in Section 2 after I had already completed Section 1. Now I’m writing the third article, I didn’t know what I would write about in this article at all when I got started, yet now I’ve produced almost 1,000 words at this stage, and I can see the content is pretty good so far. This is a typical example of taking action without overthinking.

Interestingly, I really enjoy the process of writing the third article (the article that I’m writing right now) because exploring the unknown is enjoyable, exciting and enlightening. It’s never boring! How do you feel when you explore international dating?

international dating

  • How to get stuff done (according to how businesses are built):

Do you know Facebook was created in order to help men meet women on campus at Harvard University? Mark Zuckerberg didn’t even plan to make it a wildly successful business, but it turns out that Facebook became one of the most successful businesses in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg just started somewhere; apparently, he didn’t come up with a 100-page business plan and then implement that plan.

If Mark Zuckerberg spent 2 years overthinking, we probably wouldn’t have the most popular social media platform on the planet today.

Clearly, in order to get stuff done, getting caught up in thoughts shouldn’t be the first step. Usually, the first step is to take action while fully accepting any potential risk.

  • Perfection is a joke.

Perfection doesn’t even exist.

At a job interview, some employers would ask the candidate, “What’s your weakness?”

The candidate who really wants to impress the employer sometimes says, “I’m a perfectionist.”

If I were that employer, I wouldn’t be impressed at all because I’d rather hire someone who can admit that they suffer from overthinking – at least they are honest. In contrast, perfection is a joke.

“I know not everyone will like this article, but that’s okay. Hopefully this imperfect article that is written without overthinking has helped you overcome overthinking to some degree, thereby supporting you in your international dating journey. You are welcome.”