A Russian woman is attracted to your perceived challenge, so you have to create an initial challenge as you meet her. 😉

  • How to disagree with her and build perceived challenge:

It’s okay to agree with what she says most of the time, yet if you are chatting with her for more than one hour, probably you need to disagree with her at least once. Of course, you need to back up your view with a memorable rationale that creates curiosity. Now you are attractive!

When she is seeking your approval, you are not supposed to respond with an approval each time. It’s okay to pause for two seconds and choose not to respond at all so that she will value your future approval! Having said that, this cannot be overdone!

What’s more, please do not tell her that your current life is very boring. Never tell a Russian woman that you are lonely. You must stay positive and upbeat. She needs to know that you have a wonderful life so she will want to become a part of your exciting life.

By the way, please do not tell her how badly your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife treated you in the past. Let me explain.

If a lady knows that you used to date users, abusers and losers previously, she will figure out how little you respected yourself in the past as you even put up with horrifying behavior for such a long time. Honestly, you aren’t supposed to tell her that you were treated very badly by other women as you do not want her to know what you were able to put up with in a romantic relationship. A lady does not need to know that you have changed after reading this blog.

If you experienced trauma in the past, and now, you’d like to change how you feel, I have some useful tips for you:

First, you can buy yourself a small luxurious present that represents the life you desire. This does not need to cost you much money. For example, if you usually buy cheap cologne from the drug store and you rarely use it because you don’t really like that scent, then you’d better buy a high-quality cologne from the department store. (If you like that scent, you will use it, so you are not wasting your money!)

Second, if you have expensive crystal glasses as well as fine china that you merely use when important guests visit you, you should take them out now and begin to use them today just for yourself! Remember to treat yourself first-class on a daily basis! 😉

  • Use emotional buttons.

A highly effective emotional button is something that always reminds you of the good feelings and emotions you are supposed to feel. If you would like to meet a Russian woman who is creative and artistic, then you may use the following emotional buttons:

  1. Use an artistic picture as the wallpaper on your laptop.
  2. Build an artistic wardrobe
  3. Join artistic activities and events

Each time you look at the artistic picture on your laptop, you will feel the right feelings. Also, being dressed the way artistic Russian women are dressed makes you instantly identifiable & related to! What’s more, your monthly artistic activities will surely help you meet like-minded individuals in record time.

Apart from that, you have to cooperate with the universe so that Law of Attraction can actually work for you. For instance, you are keen to meet a good-looking Russian woman, so you must take care of your health and grooming first. As a result, you will say no to processed foods and say yes to your daily workout. This is a typical example of cooperating with the universe. 😊

I have some extra tips for meeting elegant ladies:

  1. Download a range of elegant ladies’ photos and build an album on your laptop. Every day, look at these pictures so you will get used to seeing attractive ladies. In this way, you will not be nervous while talking to an attractive woman.
  2. Dress well every single day. You have to stay ready so that you don’t need to get ready. Other people will surely pay you compliments due to your stylish outfits. Note that attractive individuals are unfazed by others’ compliments; therefore, you simply say, ‘Thanks’.

“A beautiful woman will probably be more receptive to a guy if he is cool towards her at the very beginning. Usually, a beautiful woman is used to men wanting things from her, so early compliments have very limited effect. Initially, please do not show too much interest first. You can begin the interaction by appearing supposedly oblivious to the gorgeous looks of an attractive woman. Then slowly and gradually you will allow the admiration to grow. An attractive woman wants to know that you truly appreciate her more for her other traits than her looks.”