Many adults are single nowadays. According to Dr. Peter McGraw, almost 50% of adults in the United States are single! No, you are not alone! Today I’d like to share with you how to find an international relationship. 😊

  • Is perfectionism in the way?

Do you know what perfectionism looks like in dating and relationships? If you are bothered by the following things, then chances are perfectionism is in your way.

A) You really want every desire/need that you have to be fully satisfied now through dating the one woman who has it all. Sadly, nobody has it all. You also don’t have it all.

B) You are more concerned with how a woman looks than how she actually

C) You care more about what your friends will think about her than how you feel about her.

D) You cannot stop thinking that if she looked a bit better or dressed a little better, you will see her as a true

If any of these things are on your mind, it means perfectionism is probably in the way.

What’s more, absence of inner masculinity is a primary reason why a lot of men are single these days.

There is a difference between appearing masculine and being masculine. In the book The Mask of Masculinity, Lewis Howes writes, “Men wear the invincible mask in order to look masculine and tough, but in reality, they sometimes feel horrible inside.”

A real man has inner masculinity – he remains calm and relaxed. He is capable and confident. He knows his worth and his standards. He doesn’t allow other people to violate his standards or cross his boundaries. But he looks warm, friendly and approachable. He doesn’t need to wear the stoic mask because he is actually stoic.

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  • How to find an international relationship fast:

First, you have to start dating. Well, what is your first move? Look, it shouldn’t be getting a new haircut or buying a new outfit. It’s actually choosing who you will date. Most guys skip this step, refuse to select their ladies and wait for destiny to make plans. As I see it, when a lot of guys talk about how difficult dating is, they aren’t really talking about the actual act of going out for romantic dates. Instead, they are literally talking about the selection. Remember: As a man, you have the power to choose who you want to date!

Second, do not settle for less than you actually deserve. You must begin being proactive. Don’t go out with a group of guys, please. It’s better to go out alone so that you can approach women freely.

If you’ve only dated a few women and your current conclusion is high-value women are all married – there aren’t any suitable women on the market, then you got this conclusion too quickly.

How many relationships have you had so far in your life? 100? Maybe not that many. So, the quality of women that you have dated cannot represent the real quality of all single ladies.

When you go shopping in order to buy an outfit, you would visit several shops and try on different outfits. Then you will find the right outfit. Usually, you probably wouldn’t find the ideal outfit in the first shop where you tried on several outfits. That’s okay. But you wouldn’t say, “There aren’t any good outfits on the market.”

Therefore, you’d better be more optimistic and keeping meeting suitable candidates by joining an international dating site such as!

By the way, please be aware of words that keep you from finding love. Let me explain.

When you say, “she is not my type”, you may miss out on something. It’s okay to have a type, but you have to find out:

  1. What are your non-negotiables?
  2. What could be negotiated?

Maybe you are looking for a lady under 40, but she is 41. Perhaps you are looking for someone who has never been married before, but she is divorced. Are these your non-negotiables?

When you say, “Internet dating isn’t reliable”, you are missing out on great opportunities. Do you know that online dating is mainstream nowadays? The best way to find an international relationship is to join a reliable dating site like where you can meet Slavic ladies who genuinely want to marry men like you.

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