You are looking forward to the 1st date with an elegant lady. This anticipation fuels your imagination and desire. Now you probably want to know how to prepare for the first date and make it safe.

  • Make plans beforehand.

You either lead or be misled, as a guy in a relationship. Hence, you’d better plan what you will do on the 1st date beforehand.

A typical example of boring activities on the 1st date: a dinner date in a restaurant. This looks a bit like a dull job interview. What’s more, if the chemistry isn’t there, you won’t be able to leave early because the dinner will last for hours!

A typical example of interesting activities on the first date: a coffee date in a café. This is much more flexible. If the attraction is strong, you will be able to stay there for at least one hour. However, if she isn’t attractive enough, you will be able to leave within 25 minutes.

Apart from that, you also need to prepare your mindset, for your mindset directly influences your attitude as well as your behavior.

When you are in the office, your mindset is totally different from the mindset on a date. Thus, before the 1st date, you would be well-advised to see a romantic comedy or listen to a love song, thereby conditioning your emotions and preparing the right kind of mindset for a romantic night.

If you’ve met someone online and this is your first date with a total stranger, you have to meet this person in a public venue to make sure that you will be safe.

Of course, if you’ve joined a reputable international dating site like, the first date will be absolutely safe, because every lady has been interviewed by the team in the office before her profile is added to the site. Also, Simply Dating will organize the first date for you, so you know you will be safe.

safe first date

  • Is finding real love getting harder and harder?

Finding real love isn’t easy. According to what we have seen in countless novels and movies, we know finding true love is only getting harder nowadays because of these factors:

First of all, COVID-19 hinders most individuals’ love lives. Indeed, singles can’t meet people during COVID. Due to social distancing, it’s probably not even realistic to go out for a proper date right now. Also, married people face many challenges and issues caused by COVID as the divorce rate is higher currently. This is sad but true – 1) financial issues are still the primary reason for divorce in almost every country & the pandemic has caused financial problems for many households; 2) because of the lockdown, couples must stay home and many of them suddenly realize that they cannot even tolerate each other.

Second, the ease of divorce is also making people’s love lives hard. For instance, in Australia, you don’t really need a reason for your divorce: As long as you and your spouse have been separated for 12 months, you can get divorced easily. Whenever there is a challenge, many people would consider getting a divorce rather than consulting a counsellor.

  • How to have a great love life:

If you are a single guy, you should totally leverage Internet dating in this day and age. Before COVID (BC), roughly 46% of couples met on the Internet. Since the pandemic started, this percentage is only becoming higher and higher. As a result, it’s okay to join a reputable dating site and start from there. Make sure the first date is safe!

If you’re married, it’s your job to keep the spark alive. I know you go to see your dentist twice per year, yet how often do you do something for your marriage? Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Have a date night per fortnight.
  • Learn something together (a cooking class).
  • Read the same reading material together.
  • Travel together (when the vaccine is found).

 “Though finding true love isn’t easy, you can maintain a very happy love life so long as you are totally responsible for your own happiness and life.”