Have you ever wondered how you can have a better impact on dates? If you rarely get the second date, maybe you need to work on your impact on the first date. 🧉

  • How to maximize your impact on the date:

When your date is saying something, you should start to visualize what they are talking about. This gives you new ideas to discuss because your imagination creates new things! 🍵

Don’t just nod and say uh-huh. You have to acknowledge what your date is saying. Example:

HER: “I’m reading Robert Greene’s new book.”

HIM: “Robert Greene’s new book?! That sounds fascinating.”

By repeating what she says and adding a comment, he becomes an active listener. 🍰

If you don’t know what comment you should add, you can simply say, “Tell me more!” This shows your genuine interest in your date’s life. 🍬

Remember: women need attention; men need approval. Therefore, when you ask her to tell you more, you are giving her the attention that she desires. 🍭

Of course, you need to share your viewpoints on the date as well, so you’d better have an opinion! 👦

safer dates

  • Be more open about yourself.

When you are more expressive and more open, you create vulnerability which develops an emotional connection with the woman you are talking to on the date. Women love emotional connection and can only start relationships with men that they feel emotionally connected to. 👩

Also, please let your lady know that you are really intrigued by what she is saying – you find her very interesting. This gives her reassurance – women doubt so much whether you are attracted to them frequently, so giving her reassurance will help. 💎

  • How to have safer dates:
  1. Only join reliable dating sites like SimplyDating.com because trustworthy dating websites give you high-quality services. 🤵
  1. Meet people in public places such as restaurants and coffee shops. I know you don’t fear women, but please be more careful whenever you meet strangers.
  1. Ask your friends and family to introduce suitable candidates to you. Blind dates are wonderful ideas. No, that’s not old-school!
  1. Try to meet people in your social circle by saying yes to everything. Maybe you will meet the love of your love at someone’s birthday party / wedding / farewell party / etc.
  1. Find a way to meet people at work. If you use the lift every day, why not say hi to the woman that you frequently see in the same lift?
  1. Grow your network. If you are going to a networking event, bring enough business cards – you never know who you will meet. A friend of mine met his wife when they were attending a business conference.
  1. Join a class. Do you want to learn a foreign language? Are you interested in salsa dance? You can join a class and meet like-minded people quickly.
  1. Chat up the lady in the queue when you are waiting for the bus / coffee / etc. Pay her a compliment to break the ice! 🎊 

“There are many ways to meet people and find dates. Remember to find safer dates!”