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  • Where to go and what to do:

Go to university campuses where you can meet a large number of young, single women who are also looking forward to finding love. You can go to the bookstore on campus and chat up with the girl in the bookstore by asking her to recommend a good book to you, e.g., “Hi! I’m looking for a book about interior design. Do you know any good books here?” She might say yes or no – what she actually says doesn’t really matter; what actually matters is how you keep the conversation going, e.g., you can say, “Oh, well, I read a book per month, so hopefully, I’ll find the right book for the next month. Actually, I used to read a book per week. That was 52 books a year.” (You don’t ask her a lot of questions; you just use statements to arouse her interest.) Then she will have to respond to your statements. As the conversation flows naturally, you say, “Let’s go to the coffee shop over there. The music there is very cool!” (Don’t ask if she wants to go to the coffee shop with you or not. Just tell her to go there with you while saying “XXX there is very cool” – Because she wants to be cool, she is very likely to go there with you. Because the coffee shop is also on campus, she knows she is safe if she goes there with you. The basic principle: Your attitude is nice, kind, and friendly, but your actual approach is alpha, masculine and aggressive.)

  • How to keep her interested:

In order to keep women interested, you have to be an interesting man. Do you have an amazing life? Women will only be interested in you if you have a wonderful lifestyle that they want to be a part of. An interesting man is a great conversationalist, has a reasonably successful career, and has some intriguing hobbies. Apart from that, you’ll make sure that the woman you are talking to knows this is a man-to-woman conversation (you are not just friends). You can achieve this effect by deliberately introducing pauses to the conversation on a date. During the pause, you slowly look at her eyes, her nose, and her lips. In other words, your eyes are gradually traveling on different areas of her face. This builds tremendous chemistry under the radar. Also, the conversation should be a mixture of these key elements: 1) having fun and being playful & spontaneous; 2) having deep and meaningful conversations about life philosophy; 3) having emotive conversations about big or small things that she would find quite moving. I know No. 2 and No. 3 are similar, but No. 3 is a higher level. When you weave these three types of conversations together in the interaction, you will become highly addictive.

how to meet women

  • Don’t underestimate the power of grooming. 

Make sure you dress well! The first impression is very important. You can’t create the first impression again, so be sure to wear nice clothes when you meet women. 😉

Have you ever considered consulting with a personal stylist?

Do you need to invest in some high-quality clothes?

Would you like to upgrade your wardrobe?

Successful people never regret investing in their appearance as this leads to new opportunities in business, life, and love!

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