When you’re dating a woman, please always remember this principle: invest and test. By that I mean you need to invest in her first and then look at her response. If she doesn’t invest in you, that means she can’t pass the test.

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  • Do you know your non-negotiables?

Many men are happy as long as they have a girlfriend. But a high-value man has options, so he wants to choose the ideal candidate simply because he can.

First of all, a high-value man has high standards. Amongst all his standards, there are some non-negotiables, e.g., his girlfriend has to be kind, intelligent and well-educated; she has to come from a good family. These are the most important standards that must be met by the right woman. Of course, a high-value man is realistic and practical – he knows that not every standard has to be met so long as the core standards are fully met.

Second, a high-value man wouldn’t let his non-negotiables go out of the window when he meets an attractive woman. Yes, attractiveness is important, but beauty is common. Character is paramount if a long-term relationship is going to be built. That’s why a high-value man sticks to his non-negotiables.

Now I’d like you to write down your non-negotiables. It’s okay to list physical attractiveness as a non-negotiable, but be sure to include other aspects that are also important to you.

That’s exactly how to test women and see if they can meet your standards!

safe dating

  • Test a woman like a pro.

If you only want a casual fling, you don’t need to worry about how to test a woman. However, if you’re looking for a serious relationship, you have to make sure that your lady is the right person because you plan to share the rest of your life with her.

So, here is how to test a woman like a pro:

  1. When you share your insecurities with her, does she use your insecurities against you so as to benefit herself? Or does she treat you even better in spite ofyour insecurities, because of your insecurities?
  2. Does she look after your wallet? (Is she always spending your money withoutthinking about how to save money for you?)
  3. How does she treat other people – the waiter/waitress, her co-workers, her family and friends, etc.? (She doesn’tneed to impress the waiter/waitress, so her attitude towards the waiter/waitress is her real attitude. Her professional relationships indicate how she operates when there are mutual benefits or conflict of interest. If she doesn’t even love her parents, she won’t love you. The quality of her friends directly tells you what kind of person she is because friends are the family that she has chosen to have – a friendship is actually more telling than a romantic relationship and/or a business partnership because a romantic relationship is based on intimacy and a business partnership is based on money, whereas a friendship is purely based on the same values.
  • Can you listen?

Unfortunately, the majority of men can’t listen because they don’t understand the importance of active listening skills. Therefore, if you actively listen to a woman, you will be outstanding immediately. The fastest way to improve your conversation skills is to actively listen to what she is really saying. When this is done right, you will be able to respond effectively. When she says something, you should notice the topics that she introduces to the conversation, and then you’ll be able to respond properly.

When a lady looks at her watch or her phone, she is giving a sign which says she doesn’t like you very much. In this moment, you would be well-advised to acknowledge it verbally and clearly. I’d like you to calmly and confidently tell her that you have noticed this non-verbal cue (with a friendly smile). By the way, you can preface what you are saying with a positive tone, e.g., “I love how you are able to multitask by looking at your phone while talking to me.” In this situation, you are giving a negative remark as an interesting compliment which gives you the opportunity to be so direct. The connotation is: “I find your indifference funny. But I’m a man who deserves your full attention.” Then she will find you very cool and confident and she will want to talk to you as a result. If she isn’t looking at you and is looking at the exit instead, you can say, “I like how much you want to go now. Your feet are literally shuffling towards the door.” Because the majority of guys wouldn’t have the courage or the confidence to state this cleanly and clearly, you’ll impress her instantly. Therefore, she will think… “Hey. This person is so different and special. I really want to know him a bit more.”

“Now you’ve become the savviest dater in the internet dating scene. Congratulations!”