Internet dating is mainstream, but you have to make sure you are safe in your online dating journey.

Eastern European women

  • Hire a reputable international marriage agency.

Most marriage agencies have their own websites which are also known as international dating sites. Right now, the most popular international dating websites are introducing Eastern European ladies to western men because it is said that women from Eastern Europe are high-quality brides: they look great; they have traditional values; they respect men.

For example, reputable international marriage agencies such as Simply Dating and Ukraine Brides Agency have their own websites where western men can become members online and directly contact Eastern European mail-order brides on the Internet. Interestingly, reputable international dating sites are not free dating websites. Let me explain.

  1. Free dating sites are free for a reason. If a dating website is 100% free, you should ask why it is totally free. Note that a dating site isn’t a charity, so you need to figure out their business model. Maybe they sell ads and monetize their members’ attention. Some of them even sell their members’ email addresses to spammers.
  2. Free dating websites don’t filter their members, so these completely free dating sites have many bottom feeders who can’t afford to pay for dating services. Consequently, the quality of their candidates isn’t very high in general.
  3. People who join free dating sites don’t understand value exchange. That means they are thinking, “What’s in it for me?” without realizing nothing good comes for free. When you are asking someone to find you a wife, it is a big ask, so this shouldn’t be a free service. If it’s absolutely free, probably you should raise an eyebrow.
  4. Reputable international dating websites are usually not free. Their members pay membership fees and enjoy premium services, i.e. speed dating events, matchmaking service, customer support service, international tours (flights, accommodation, translators, tour guides, and so on), etc. Therefore, the best international dating sites which introduce Eastern European brides to western men can’t be free.

Eastern European women

  • Your Eastern European lady shouldn’t be too young.

When I say “too young”, I mean your ideal Eastern European lady shouldn’t be under 25. Please let me explain.

I understand this is a bit of a generalization and I do apologize if it doesn’t sound politically correct, but I have a valid reason for this:

According to my observation, Eastern European women who are under 25 years old tend to be immature – they don’t know what they want & they don’t know what they should expect in terms of international dating.

Most western men who are looking to marry Eastern European ladies are mature, experienced and sophisticated men who have had relationships in western countries before. Therefore, they truly understand how relationships with western women work and they have figured out that the fast-track to happiness is to marry an Eastern European bride.

When a mature western man in his 40s is looking for a foreign bride, his ideal candidate should be a mature, confident and feminine woman who understands how marriage works. That’s why a 40-year-old western man and a 30-year-old Eastern European woman’s marriage is oftentimes happier than a 40-year-old western man and a 20-year-old Eastern European woman’s marriage.

In western countries, women who are under 40 still think they are young, so they tend to feel entitled and can’t take criticism. On the other hand, single Eastern European ladies who are above 30 have lowered their standards a lot because they believe they are not young anymore – they are not entitled and can take criticism. Therefore, many mature women from Eastern Europe would like to marry western men who are 5-10 years older than them (some of them are happy to marry men who are 15-20 years older than them) – they understand that older men will value them as potential wives significantly more than men of their age or younger.

“Don’t invest in a woman based on how much you like her; invest in a woman based on how much she invests in you.”