Your life is represented by your daily habits in reality. If you are still wondering why you haven’t found true love yet, maybe you need to find out whether you have any habits which literally hold you back from getting what you deserve in your love life.

  • What creates extraordinary results?

Most habits that contribute to huge success are actually quite boring. Well, if they are not boring, then many people must have made it.

Boring but important habits include brushing your teeth, changing your clothes/socks, going to the gym, eating healthy food, going to bed early and getting enough sleep, etc. But as a matter of fact, ordinary habits that you can stick to create extraordinary results! For example, in order to have a wildly successful career, you must do something to achieve your career goals each day. Lack of consistency leads to failure. End of story.

I know life is pretty hard during the pandemic. As a result, you have to focus on having happier thoughts nowadays. When you feel bad on a difficult day, you have possibly forgotten about the importance of consistency. Here is why: Truthfully, life is challenging enough even without COVID-19. Not each day is 100% perfect. Currently, you should have some routines as well as rituals that help you to look after your wellbeing and mental health. In this way, you will be able to become the most confident version of yourself and get ready for an international relationship.

Realistically, most people only start to work on their mindset after a major problem has happened, e.g., a relationship breakdown, a personal crisis, etc. Honestly, that’s a bit late. Instead of beginning to work on your mindset when the problem has become big, you’d better create certain systems in your life which allow you to be happy and feel good on a daily basis. That way, when you have a hard day, the impact of the challenge isn’t tremendous and more importantly, you have a variety of practices which make you feel good and happy already.

Take myself as an example: My systems are taking myself out for dinner once a week, having a facial and a massage once a month, listening to my favorite music while working on my computer at home every day, etc. I’m growing my list now, and you can also have a system which improves your mood each day.

You are entitled to live the most exciting life possible. Yet no matter how good you look on Facebook, your online photos won’t make a real difference if your internal world is a complete mess.

In my opinion, giving yourself self-love should be something that you do every single day. A lot of people only give themselves self-love once a year, e.g., buying themselves a birthday present or a Christmas gift. However, as I see it, showing yourself radical self-love is supposed to be a daily habit that you must stick to. Your system ought to be a daily practice which is similar to having a shower or drinking your juice in the morning because your wellbeing is just as important as your fitness. In truth, there is a connection between the body and the mind. In other words, your wellbeing determines your fitness to some degree. When you are emotionally healthy and strong, you will have more opportunities to meet the right candidate and start an international relationship that you desire.

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  • How to feel good during the trying times:

The pandemic has caused the current trying times around the world. As a consequence, a lot of people struggle with sitting in the unknowing and the waiting which leads to uncertainty. But switched-on individuals are able to make the uncertainty a fun and fabulous period of time.

Learning how to handle uncertainty is a lifelong project. No one is able to achieve this through Googling the answer online. Everybody is keen to find out what will happen next. Because your brain always rewards certainty, you love it so much. Obviously, uncertainty is unpleasant. In fact, everyone does all kinds of things in order to predict what will happen in future so they can get ready!

But life is filled with uncertainty. Consequently, you may even feel like you look like a bystander while waiting for what’s going to happen. Nonetheless, as you look at the situation differently, you will see so much more is going on than what you notice on the surface level.

The majority of men who are looking for international relationships on are high achievers. Some of them are overachievers who have a sense of guilt when they are not creating something all the time. But no one is supposed to be building something all the time as life has cycles and a year has 4 seasons. Because I believe in work/life integration rather than work/life balance, here is my cycle:

  1. Getting ideas: I read books while taking notes. My notebook is full of inspiration.
  2. Write content: I type articles on this blog.
  3. Edit content: I proofread articles before publishing them.
  4. Celebration: After publishing content online, I celebrate the achievement by having more rest!

Maybe currently you think you are in an unknowing stage. Yet chances are you are simply doing your research or in rest mode. Just honor the phase you are in through giving yourself more time and space that you need. I’m pretty sure that when you are ready for an international relationship, you will meet the love of your life on!

“You will attract the right person when you have the right mindset.”