When guys are talking, they tend to focus on facts, things and the concrete. In contrast, when ladies are talking, they want to talk about feelings and emotions. Small wonder women and men are from two different planets and speak totally different languages. Women and men often misunderstand each other. But once you understand how to use female language in the right ways to unlock a Ukrainian lady’s heart, making her fall in love with you won’t be too hard.

The importance of feelings & emotions:

In my opinion, the ideal way to use female language is to discuss feelings and emotions with a lady as that’s what makes women feel connected. Unlike western women who want to compete with guys, Ukrainian ladies are more feminine and use less male language in general. Rather than analyzing what’s right & what’s wrong, you may ask a Ukrainian lady how she feels, thereby building a genuine emotional connection with her.

By the way, another way to build a connection with a woman is to create instant history with her. When you meet her on the first date, you could literally turn somebody new into somebody special instantly by finding certain special moments on the first date. You may find several words that reprieve the laugh, the warm feelings and the flooding smile. Like old flames, now you and this lady have a history already. That’s instant history. The fastest method to get this result is to prepare some funny jokes beforehand and tell this lady a joke according to something you’ve noticed on the date. Now you can think like a comedian and be more calculated. Do you know that every stand-up comedian writes down their jokes before going onto the stage?

Of course, please do not play games with a Ukrainian lady. Note that Eastern European people value honesty, so if you play mind games with her, she will not like you. Don’t keep her guessing; just be candid!

Slavic woman

Are you a confident guy?

In dating and relationships, real confidence is always backed up by true competence. Truthfully, faking external confidence isn’t hard. However, internal confidence cannot be faked.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying external confidence is useless. Actually, external confidence is also quite important because the way you look, the way you walk and the way you carry yourself can influence the impact you have when you are attracting an Eastern European lady. Yes, the initial attraction is built by your external confidence. Look, without external confidence, a woman isn’t going to look at your internal confidence, okay?

In other words, your external confidence is the gatekeeper!

But if you’d like to have core confidence, you have to have enough competence. Are you a competent dater?

It’s time to develop your real competence by honing your skills and acquiring more knowledge. Most guys avoid talking about their love lives with others, but research shows that a man’s happiness is generally determined by the quality of his love life instead of his career. Does that surprise you?

Indeed, a career may give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Nevertheless, if you have no one to share your huge success with, why do you want to be successful in the first place?

Relationship experts argue that the real reason why guys are eager to become wildly successful is because they want to attract high-quality women. They fundamentally know women like successful men.

Incidentally, your external confidence can influence your internal confidence, too. That means when you dress well, you also behave better because your outfit may influence how you feel! Okay. It’s time to throw away your boring and dull clothes & build a new wardrobe. Get rid of those reasons why you can’t wear nice clothes, okay? When I say a new closet, I’m not saying your clothes must be expensive; I mean your clothes must be right.

Personally, I invest in high-quality fashion as I examine cost per wear. A high-quality jacket may cost me US$400, yet it lasts for ten years. By contrast, a low-quality jacket from Kmart is cheap (US$40), but it may last for several months only.

At the same time, I get so much confidence, pride and joy when I wear a high-quality jacket. But a jacket from Kmart doesn’t excite me at all.

“When you become confident, you attract a different reality.”