Ukrainian women are different from western women because ladies from Ukraine do not play mind games with men. Unlike western women who often play games with men, Ukrainian ladies are honest people. Therefore, it’s a bit easier to read a Ukrainian lady’s mind.

  • If you catch a Ukrainian woman staring at you on many occasions, that means she is into you.

When you are out with your friends and you find a lady glancing over at you on multiple occasions, that means she likes you. That’s because if she is interested in you, you will definitely catch her staring at you when she thinks you wouldn’t notice. So, if you actually catch her looking at you & she immediately glances the other way, she is probably interested in you but shy about that. In fact, when a woman likes you, she will look at you… consciously and / or subconsciously.

Of course, if she makes time for you, it is clearly a sure sign she likes you. It’s quite simple – when she makes time for you in spite of her busy schedule, you must be important to her.

Also, if a lady lets you know she is single and available, she is possibly into you. Whether it’s giving you specific details regarding a challenging third wheel experience or complaining about how she couldn’t find the right person, she is trying to let you know that she is single. You may use this to find out whether she likes you or not. Next time she talks about needing a date to a social event or somebody to accompany her to a dinner party, you should totally offer to go there with her. This lady is obviously waiting for you to take the hint, right?

  • If she copies your gestures as well as movements, chances are she likes you.

Is she using your slang or copying your mannerism? According to an international dating coach, this is a sure sign of intense attraction. For instance, if a woman uses a particular word that you often use or smirks like you do, she is probably into you because imitation is actually a form of authentic flattery.

Besides, if a Ukrainian woman asks for your help on little (and even silly) things, she is most likely interested in you. It means she goes to great lengths in order to get your attention. If she asks you to teach her something simple, she is sending you a paramount signal. Ladies know men have a protective instinct; therefore, when she is not sure how the laptop works or is not strong enough to carry the box, she is hinting that she needs your help. Being ‘helpless’ can be quite feminine and cute.

  • If a Ukrainian woman opens up to you and encourages you to confide in her as well, it’s a major signal.

When a woman is comfortable around you, she will tell you specific details about herself that many people do not know. So, if she allows you to know the lesser-known side of her life, she just wants you to know her better. Now the rapport becomes higher. What’s more, if she keeps asking questions about your upbringing and childhood experiences, she is clearly very interested in your past – that means she wants to know more about you.

In addition, when she laughs at everything you say to her, she is into you. A good sense of humor is a big indicator of a good relationship, so although your joke is corny, she will find it quite funny. Furthermore, if a Ukrainian lady is enjoying the playful banter, she is probably attracted to you enormously.

Finally, if you begin to see her dorky side, it means she is quite comfortable around you and is willing to let you know her little quirks. She starts to act goofy and silly around you so that you can see her silly side. All you need to do is to let her feel accepted and score another fantastic date.

“Women are more subtle than men, but there are still many signs that you can pay attention to & find out whether a lady likes you or not.”