You don’t need to become a comedian in order to date Ukrainian women. But you do have to be a reasonably good conversationalist, for a marriage will be a life-long conversation with someone.


Your social skills are key.

Now I’d like to show you how to become a competent conversationalist.

  • Ask playful and spontaneous questions such as “If you can wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you want to wake up?”
  • Ask questions that can show her personality, e.g. “If you can stop working tomorrow and do whatever you want, what would you do?”
  • Ask questions that can display her lifestyle, e.g. “I’m thinking about going to Australia for a holiday because it is said that Australia has the best beach in the world. Are you more of a beach lady or a city lady?”

You can see that these questions allow you to build emotional connection with her because these questions are not about basic facts such as “What do you do?” and “How old are you?”

Within a few minutes of the interaction on the first date, you will be able to connect with this Ukrainian lady instantly because of the questions you ask her.

When you are spontaneous, a woman can feel that there is always more to learn about you. Women are intrigued because you are multi-dimensional. There are many different sides to you. If this Ukrainian woman starts a relationship with you, she will have a chance to see how wonderful and exciting your life is. As a result, she will want to be with you – the longer she stays in this relationship, the more good things she is going to experience. How fantastic is that?!

Last but not least, you can show a “unique pairing” in your personality through conversations. By that I mean you can let her know that you are loving and bold; you are sensitive and adventurous; you are charming and well-educated. Now you are special. Congratulations!

woman from Ukraine

You are already attractive.

Research shows that nearly everybody underestimates their own attractiveness. Thus, you’d better understand that ladies already find you attractive. This may surprise you a little bit: There are already some ladies who have secretly fallen in love with you in your life. Yet they merely couldn’t tell you about it as they are shy. From now on, please don’t look at yourself in the mirror and criticize your own appearance. You should totally appreciate your attractiveness & leverage that as soon as possible.

When it comes to body image and body confidence, narcissism never hurts. I know this sounds a bit too strong. But here is the fact: a study suggests that narcissistic individuals are more satisfied, wealthier, happier and get more respect from other people.

When you pursue a high-quality woman from Eastern Europe, a pinch of pride is actually necessary, for the more you think about yourself, the better candidate you will attract. You and your partner co-author each other’s biology. That means when you truly believe that you are a good-looking guy who absolutely deserves a successful love life, your partner will make you look even more handsome.

That being said, having body positivity doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be loud. In fact, you do not have to be an extrovert so as to become truly confident. Truthfully, quiet confidence is the most important factor in human dynamics. Basically, it means a guy with core confidence has a private and deep assurance that he is outwardly and inwardly a wonderful guy who deserves a great love life. Without quiet self-confidence, good looks, status and personality will not be very useful. When you’re completely sure that you’re already a high-quality guy, you do not have to be loud so as to impress ladies. In this day and age, individuals associate extroverts with effective networkers and great conversationalists. Nevertheless, that is so overrated. A study in North America implies that the majority of high-achievers are introverts who can spend a lot of time alone as most revolutionary ideas arise when an individual is alone.

I’d like you to be choosy before getting married because marriage is a big decision in your life. So, you should know some typical red flags that women show you in dating and relationships.

“If a woman chooses you due to her own fear, it’s a red flag. When a woman marries a man for the wrong reasons, they will be divorced. For example, if a woman marries a guy because she is desperate and cannot put up with loneliness, then I can almost guarantee that she will be a mess after getting married because marriage isn’t for the immature. “