Already have a goal? (Or maybe 3 goals?) Now let me show you how to hit your goals! You are welcome.

⦁ Three steps to achieve your goals in life, love and business:

#1. Establish daily rituals.

What daily rituals do you have right now? Are these daily rituals supporting your goals? In order to hit your goals, you must have daily rituals that will make hitting your goals inevitable.

Let’s say your goal is to lose 10 kilos by the end of this year so that you can effortlessly attract an Eastern European woman. Your daily rituals can be going to the gym every day, implementing the diet plan from the nutritionist, etc. In other words, every day you must do something that moves the needle forward.

#2. You must see your goals every day.

Write down your goals on a piece of paper and put it on the wall where you can see every single day. If you can’t see your goals, then you can’t remember them!

#3. Plan the reward beforehand.

You will be much more motivated when you know that you will get a reward once you achieve a goal. Eager to buy yourself a bottle of high-quality wine for Christmas? That can be the reward when you lose 10 kilos by the end of this year.

⦁ What if you have a side hustle….

Are you ready to quit your job and make your side hustle official? Please take this quiz today and find it out! 😊

Question 1: Is your side hustle bringing you enough money?

Question 2: Can you imagine yourself doing your side hustle passionately in 10 years?

Question 3: Have you built a professional network/community that can support your side hustle effectively?

Question 4: Is your job negatively affecting your health and wellbeing?

Question 5: Do you have enough savings in your bank account that can make sure you will be okay in the next 12 months even if your side hustle doesn’t work?

As to Question 1 – Question 5, if your answer is YES, now you are ready to quit your job.

But if one answer is NO, then you are probably not ready to quit your job… yet.

Remember: Eastern European women like men who are ambitious and capable.

Eastern European women

⦁ How to develop discipline:

Almost every successful man that I know is a disciplined man. How did they develop discipline?

A disciplined man manages his emotions well. Lack of discipline usually indicates lack of emotional management. Basically, it means when you can’t control your behavior, it’s because you can’t control your emotions.

A successful man rarely has highs and lows in terms of his emotions. Most of the time, his emotional state is very stable.

Try mindfulness – this will help you manage your emotions like a Zen master.

Don’t expect yourself to be disciplined all the time. If you’ve decided to work on a project 2 hours a day and then suddenly one day you only work on it for 1 hour, please don’t beat yourself up. You are only human.

When you are not disciplined for one day only, it doesn’t make you a chaotic person. It only means you should get back on the right track as soon as possible.

Remember: You only need to be disciplined most of the time.

Do the most important task first. No matter what kind of discipline you would like to have, you should totally do the most important task first thing in the morning every day. This is the most paramount discipline that every ambitious woman needs to have.

Indeed, when the most important task is done, you will have full confidence to face everything else during the day!

“Eastern European women are attracted to disciplined men.”