You can choose to be happy no matter what kind of relationship status you are in right now. I know this is easier said than done, so I’m going to share some good ideas with you today. 😊

  • Before you find an international relationship, are you able to be happily single?

Many years ago, I read a book about how to be happily single no matter you are actually single or actually married. This is all about a solo mindset, i.e., a 100% independent mindset.

Interestingly, when you have this mindset, your romantic partner will find you very attractive, so it’s good for your relationship.

If you are single now, are you happily single?

In order to help you figure this out, I’d like to list several useful suggestions for you:

  • Because you are single, you have more spare time to do whatever makes you happy. You may start a business, make art, sleep in when you want to, travel, explore new and exciting hobbies, meet new people and find new friends.
  • Since you are single, you don’t need to consider another person’s blueprint, their family, their social circle, their future plans, etc. You are the most important person in this world. You don’t need to compromise anything for anyone.
  • As a single person, you have the ones rather than the one. A study shows that single people actually have more connections than married people because single people are generally more active in their social circle. By contrast, married people spend most of their time with the spouse, so their social circle tends to be quite limited.

Research shows that in the United States, about 50% of the adult population are single. 38% of all households only have one person. Half of the single population are not even dating. Is that surprising? I don’t think so. This only means living a solo lifestyle is mainstream nowadays, so if you prefer to be single for now (or single forever), you don’t really need to explain yourself to anyone! Just be unapologetically unattached. 😉

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  • Having an international relationship is about sharing your wonderful life with someone you love.

Finding a partner isn’t about asking someone else to make your life complete. In fact, finding a romantic partner is all about sharing your wonderful life with someone you like.

A person with this mindset can be happily married.

After interviewing many men who are married to Ukrainian women, I’ve got this conclusion: People who have a solo mindset are usually more independent mentally. Hence, their marriages are also more satisfying and rewarding. Further research indicates that when you know only you are 100% responsible for your happiness, the quality of your marriage is much higher! In other words, this makes you appreciate your spouse whenever they do something nice for you. Appreciation is even more powerful than gratitude!

Because you are the only person who is totally responsible for your happiness, the following things unfold more easily for you:

  • Communication: You know what you want and you know how to effectively communicate what you want in your marriage.
  • Clarity: You know who you are and you maintain your hobbies, interests, friends and career even though you are already married.
  • Chemistry: You are supposed to nurture your romantic relationship, so you maintain the spark regularly.
  • Connection: You build and strengthen the emotional connection with your Eastern European lady by having more and more shared experiences in life.
  • Change: Change is inevitable, and a competent partner is someone who knows how to handle change correctly. You support each other’s personal growth and professional development.

According to Australian relationship coach Wala Truscott, the above five Cs are the main pillars of a successful marriage. 😊

  • How to be happily divorced:

Yes, some people are actually happily divorced. Based on my observation, these individuals share the following traits:

  • Ending a marriage doesn’t mean that marriage has failed. They fundamentally understand that they don’t need a closure because the ending of a marriage is actually completion.
  • It’s very important to learn the lessons from the marriage that has already ended. A lot of switched-on people in the dating scene are divorced – they fully understand how marriages work in a very realistic way.
  • They experience tremendous growth after the divorce. They change their careers, start their own businesses, try new hobbies and/or move countries! They have found who they really are as a result.


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