On any given day we have to care for ourselves, our careers, aging parents, young kids, spouses, and other loved ones. And that’s just the stress that originates close to home. There are also big-picture stressors like divisive politics, global warming, and mass shootings that leave some of us tangled up in one giant ball of tension. Research indicates that international dating makes people’s life less stressful because satisfying relationships can improve people’s health and wellbeing in general.

⦁ A good international relationship helps you to manage stress effectively.

According to relationship experts from www.SimplyDating.com (a well-known international dating site), couples who are in international relationships tend to have less stress because when two individuals from two different cultures get married, their marriage is usually built on true love rather than convenience.

There’s no denying that there is stress in your life. The traditional advice for dealing with stress was to just eliminate stressful situations from your day-to-day, but that’s easier said than done—especially when we have constant access to social media and are inundated with news that exposes us to stressors nonstop thanks to a 24/7 media cycle. Because of this, it makes more sense for modern people to learn to manage stress than to try to eliminate it completely. Fortunately, there are great stress management techniques that will help you relax and have fun while letting go of the tension that stress can cause. We talk about stress all the time, but how should we actually define it? According to the American Institute of Stress, it’s hard to define, especially because how people experience stress and what they find stressful varies widely. An early definition of psychological stress as “the nonspecific response of the body to any demand for change” was coined in 1936, but that doesn’t exactly give us lots of information. As psychologists and others studied stress more closely, they began to view stress as “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension.” Researchers have also found that stress is associated with feeling a lack of control. If we’re not able to control something, we find it stressful. Each year the APA publishes a report titled “Stress in America: Coping with Change.” The 2017 study found that 80 percent of people reported feeling symptoms of stress during the month prior to being surveyed, and that those symptoms included headaches, anxiety, and depression. The report found that both personal and social problems contribute to stress. People also anticipate stress. Respondents said that they are likely to stress over money (62 percent), the economy (58 percent), personal health concerns (58 percent), and health problems in the family (57 percent) in the next year. With all these topics weighing on our minds, it’s no wonder that modern people feel overwhelmed and are ready to get proactive about relief. You might think of stress as a mental health concern. And while that’s certainly true (and a valid reason to take it seriously), it’s important to know that stress has a huge impact on physical health. Studies, including one on biomarkers and chronic stress published in Neuroscience and Behavioral Reviews, have found that stress can affect nearly all our bodies’ systems, from the immune system to metabolism and cardiovascular health. “Chronic psychosocial stress and consequent physiological dysregulations are increasingly viewed as catalysts of accelerated aging and agitators of disease trajectories,” the study’s authors write. In short, stress can make you age faster and make you more susceptible to disease.

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⦁ Have a healthy routine in life.

Having a stress management routine is a way to get ahead of stress, addressing it before it begins to have a negative impact on our sense of well-being. Since stress is constantly coming into our lives, it’s important to have a stress management routine that we practice regularly. Whatever stress management technique you choose to use, it’s important to employ it every day.

It’s time to get serious about self-care. All stress management techniques are forms of self-care. You’re taking the time to connect with your feelings and nurture yourself so you can let go of tension and fear. That self-care component is more important than the specific stress management method you use.

The most important thing is to make sure that you’re making time for self-care daily, even when (and especially when) life gets chaotic, according to a life coach and international dating expert.

“Self-care is so key in dating, relationships, daily life and work. It is the single most important thing that you must do for yourself.”