Your relationships with people in your life are so key. The quality of relationships in life directly determines how happy you feel. What’s more, according to a recent study, every type of mental health issue has something to do with relationships. So, please don’t ignore the importance of relationships in your life.

⦁ Choose healthy relationships only.

If you are struggling because there is a toxic relationship in your life, you have to make a difficult but important decision – you must end that toxic relationship.

I know this is easier said than done, but here is the truth: Hard choices, easy life; easy choices, hard life. This is absolutely profound.

Let’s say there is an energy vampire in your life. The easy way to manage the situation is to allow the energy vampire to be there. But this leads to a hard life. In contrast, making a difficult decision (i.e. ending the toxic relationship) is the best way to have an easier life.

That means even if the energy vampire is a family member, you still have to make the tough decision. Yes, I said that includes your family.

I understand that ending a relationship with a family member is very, very hard to do. I’ve seen some women who allowed energy vampires in their lives for decades because those individuals are their family members. But sadly, these women’s lives are miserable as a result. Remember: You only have one life because you are only here once – keeping an energy vampire in your life is the last thing you want to do when you are still here.

You are the most important person in the universe. You are 100% responsible for your happiness and your confidence.

As to your friends, these people are basically the family that you choose to have. You must make sure that your friends are high-quality people. There are more than 7 billion people in this world, so you don’t have to be friends with low-quality people.

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⦁ How to stop overthinking and start enjoying your international relationship.

Stress comes from overthinking and overmanaging life. There are five steps that will help you stop overthinking now.

Step 1: Make the transition from Mind Full to Mindful

Mind Full: When you focus on your thoughts, your thoughts keep growing….

Mindful: When you focus on your senses, you notice what you can see, hear, smell and feel. Then you think less!

Step 2: Let certain thoughts pass.

Not every thought deserves your attention. When there is an unhelpful thought, you should totally let it pass.

Don’t argue with it. Just let it be there and it will be gone as time goes by.

Step 3: Think like a child.

Sometimes thinking like a child can cure overthinking. Meanwhile, it gives you a fresh perspective and can stimulate your creativity! This isn’t childish; it’s childlike!

Step 4: Do more physical exercise.

Many health coaches recommend physical exercise to people who tend to overthink and those who suffer from anxiety. Try a 45-minute workout each day and you will notice that you can think less!

Step 5: Choose therapeutic surrender.

When you overthink things, it’s often because you are trying to control things that are outside your control. So, when it comes to things that are outside your control, you would be well-advised to choose therapeutic surrender – surrendering to destiny is very powerful.

⦁ The quality of your international relationship is so key.

As for your romantic relationship, I’d like to point out four aspects of a romantic relationship so that you can have more clarity when it comes to improving the quality of your international relationship which gives you tremendous lifestyle confidence.

⦁ Admiration – You genuinely admire each other; you appreciate each other’s good qualities. The more you focus on each other’s positive qualities, the more you will amplify these amazing qualities.

⦁ Connection – You and your partner have a strong emotional connection. The more shared experiences you have in life, the stronger your connection becomes.

⦁ Commitment – You have a serious relationship. You respect each other, so it’s an exclusive relationship.

⦁ Compatibility – You and your partner have compatible values and compatible flaws. More importantly, the way you approach things are compatible, including the way you deal with conflict in the relationship. (Compatibility is usually the most underrated element in the dynamics.)

“Please keep working on these four aspects of your international relationship, and you will have more lifestyle confidence as a result!”