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Communication is key in long distance relationships

Long distance relationships are challenging and can be difficult to maintain. Couples who are in this type of relationship face longing and emotional loneliness.

Most people come to believe that this kind of relationship does not work. There’s so much work needed to make a long distance relationship work and there are so many odds against it. Yet, there are a lot of couples who are in a long distance relationship who  are successful.

The secret to having success in this type of relationship is understanding and trusting each other. If you are in a long distance relationship, here are a couple of mistakes that you should avoid.

Being too clingy

Being in a long distance relationship needs constant good communication. Breathing down the neck of your partner won’t be great. In a relationship, it’s important to give each other space to let them grow. It’s understandable that you want to know every detail of what your partner is doing. If you’re being too clingy, it  will create tension in your relationship in the long run. The best thing you can do to avoid this is to keep yourself busy. Spend time with friends and family, or learn a new hobby. This way, you’ll have more to talk about to your partner when you both have an online date.

Letting insecurity and jealousy rule over your relationship

A little bit of jealousy spices up a relationship, but too much of it can be toxic. Relationships work because of trust. If one of you lets insecurity and jealousy take over, it may be the beginning of the end. Being jealous and insecure about where your partner is and who he’s with is a sign of being immature. This can bring on a lot of heated arguments. It will bring out your possessiveness and controlling attitude. This will sabotage the entire relationship. What you can do about this is to build trust in your partner. Be honest about your feelings towards each other and talk about the things that need to be resolved. If you felt insecure or jealous, open up and talk about how you can address these issues. Also, don’t fail to reassure your partner. Look at the bright side. After a long period of time of not seeing each other, meeting up will be much sweeter and memorable.

Not involving your partner in your decision-making

When in a long distance dating, it can be easy to make decisions of your own without involving your partner. You must remember to consider what the other one thinks. Don’t forget to get their opinion about something. Involve your partner in what you are deciding especially when it will affect your relationship.

The lack of communication

While the number one mistake is having too much communication,  the lack of it is even worst. Communication is key to a long distance relationship if you want it to work. If it’s the timing that gets you, don’t give up. Work around your time difference. Set time to talk to each other, have Skype (online video) dates. Texts and voice messages are a simple but sweet gesture that will liven up your relationship.

Taking your partner and your relationship for granted

Distance is not a reason to stop expressing how much you love your partner. It’s important to put in extra effort to make each other feel loved because you’re not together physically. There are a lot of things you can do, you just have to be more creative. Don’t stop nurturing that special thing you have. Don’t take your partner for granted because you don’t see each other often.

Being in a long distance relationship is not easy, but don’t lose hope. If both of you are committed, your relationship will be stronger. Keep in mind these common mistakes and avoid doing them.