For anyone you’ll meet online, there’s a likely chance that you’ll meet in the real world. For any reason, you’re online because you want to have a girlfriend, wife, or even a one-night stand, and meet the girl you’re talking to offline. So, how will you take your Russian friend who you met online on a real- life date? We understand that the distance will be very far as it may require you to travel to Russia. And, one should know that offline dating has probably been going since the Stone Age. So, it’s no doubt a face- to- face date is bound to happen even when dating online.

As mentioned earlier, it’ll be difficult on your end as schedules will have to be moved, and so on and so forth. While on your Russian woman’s end, she’ll also need to accommodate you. That is, if she’s into you. So, this leads us to the primary dilemma of, when is it safe to take our online relationship to the real world?

Honestly, there’s no exact time frame. I’ve had a friend who’s been in a monogamous with his girlfriend in the Philippines for over five years. In the time that he actually had enough money to visit this woman, he was pegged to stay for two weeks. However, the woman is no longer interested. He was devastated and heartbroken. It was saddening news on my end because at that time, I just started online dating myself. But, he said that the experience was eye- opening. Plus, he learned that the next time he’ll ever try and visit someone, he’s going to be sure they’re going to show up. Yes, the girl didn’t even show her face to him. I became disheartened about his story. And, I thought that I should share his experience with you readers because I want you to know that life isn’t perfect. Also, even if the girl is perfect on chats, she may not be perfect in real life.

The thing that came out of my friend’s ordeal was the fact that I could research about how Russian women were. Like, were there signs that they aren’t really the same person behind chat? Or, is there a sign that they want me to visit them? Or, is it possible to just surprise them once things are hitting off? This post will have answers to those. But, first, let’s start with the question: is it better to date online or offline to start?

Online dating or offline dating: which one is better?

You know what? At the end of the day, it comes down to preference. If you’d rather hide behind a screen just to make sure you’re “protected” in a sense, then by all means, go register yourself in a legitimate online dating site. There are sites available by the hundreds and thousands even. So, if one site fails you, you shouldn’t have to worry as there’s always another one to try. You know what’s great about online dating though? If you have a certain preference, whether it be in ethnicity or religious beliefs, you’re going to find a site that offers just that. If you’re Jewish and would like to find some Jewish girl, there’s a site for that. If you want to see if you can bag yourself a Russian woman or meet Russian women, then you’re in the right site, which is Russian Dating Info. There are hundreds more!

On the other hand, preferences are more difficult when offline dating. However, you’ll get a truer connection with the people that’s sitting across the table compared to someone behind a computer screen. But, this shouldn’t let you down with online dating. In all honestly, I’d suggest to try both online and offline dating, and see which you’d prefer more over the other. They both have their pros and cons, and most of these pros and cons are dependent on the experiences of the person. So, keep your options open for both offline and online dating, and you’ll never know where you might meet your future wife or long term partner in crime.

Signs that a Russian woman wants to meet you

Earlier, we posed the questions:

  • Are there signs that the Russian woman I’m talking to is really the same person behind chat?
  • Is there a sign that she wants me to visit her?
  • Is it possible to just surprise her once things are hitting off between us?

To answer all these questions frankly, there are really no specific signs on whether a Russian woman would want you to visit unless it’s said straight-forward. Plus, you could surprise her by booking your ticket to Russia once you’ve gathered enough information on where to find your girl. But, I’d heavily suggest you don’t go on a whim. Last, but not least, the only way you can tell that the Russian woman you’re talking to is the same person that you’re chatting with is to have a video call. I mean this is if you don’t want to spend money on booking a flight to Russia, and putting your life on hold while you’re there. So, yes, video chat could be the answer to this. The first few times may be awkward as you two would need time to adjust, which is normal.

All in all, there are no signs on whether or not Russian women will want to meet you. You have to understand that each of the women you’ll be chatting or talking to will be Russian, yes, but they’re all different in personality. Sometimes though, you can be the one to initiate the ladies to visit. It shows that you have confidence and initiative, which are considered good qualities. But, note that women from Russia, Ukraine, as well as former Soviet Union countries have difficulty in obtaining a tourist visa in the United States. If you reside in Europe or Asia, it’ll be fairly easy. You can do this when you’ve already done a video chat with each other, and you two are comfortable enough to see each other in person. Remember though that she’ll be visiting you in an unknown place if she does say yes. So, make sure to guide her. On the other hand, if she’s the one who ends up inviting you, you’ve got to know where and when you’ll be meeting as you also need to know whether there is legitimacy in the relationship. A good note to keep is, if you’re going to visit Russia, make sure that you’ll meet up with more than one Russian woman. This’ll help keep your options open, and if ever one of these women can’t entertain you, you won’t be leaving empty-handed.