Yesterday I told my family that I feel really good when I dress up (I’m a fashionista). A family member said, “Don’t forget that success is what you actually want in life.” I said, “Feeling good is also a type of success; in fact, it’s a very important part of sustainable success.” I think this principle applies to online dating, romantic relationships and life in general. 😊

  • Law of Attraction starts from feeling good.

How does Law of Attraction work? Realistically, you have to feel good before good things can happen in your life. Look, this isn’t wishful thinking; it’s all about feeling the positive emotions before positive things happen for you.

When great things happen for you, you feel even better. That’s a virtuous cycle that reinforces positivity in life. 😉

Here is how to feel good every day:

  • Do something that makes you happy, e.g., dancing, singing, etc.
  • Learn something new, e.g., reading one chapter of a book, studying an online program, etc.
  • Try something that gives you a different reality, e.g., watching a movie / a TV show / a concert online. (I know this idea is a bit controversial, but research shows that this is actually very healthy because it gives you a fresh perspective in life)


  • Five pillars of a well-rounded person:

If you are looking to reinvent yourself, you have to work on these five pillars.

  • A makeover: I’m not saying you don’t look good enough; I mean you would be well-advised to upgrade the way you look regularly – this will give you more creativity, confidence and inspiration. I consulted with a stylist five or six years ago and I still benefit from her advice today. Now I know exactly what to buy whenever I go shopping. Remember: your external world significantly influences your internal world because how you look directly influences how you feel inside.
  • Health: You must look after your physical health and mental health. Sleep for at least seven hours every night. Eat vegetables and fruit. Do your workout every day. Give yourself permission to play like a child whenever you can!
  • Wealth: You are fully responsible for your money and career. Maybe schools didn’t teach you how to manage your money, but it’s your responsibility to figure it out – you can still learn financial management on the Internet by yourself. If you have a job, be grateful. If you run your own business, work on your business.
  • Relationships: Your international relationship with your Slavic girlfriend is the most important relationship in your life, so you should nurture this relationship every single day. Apart from that, you need to improve your relationships with your family and friends. Also, networking is a key skill which will benefit your career.
  • Growth: After taking care of the above-mentioned four aspects in your life, you will become growth-driven. You can start a business, become an entrepreneur, enjoy a new hobby, etc. By the way, you don’t necessarily have to do something radical in order to grow quickly. I think learning a new skill is also paramount growth.

Russian woman

  • Don’t trade in your authenticity for being liked.

Brene Brown said, “If you trade in your authenticity for being liked, you may experience anxiety, depression, rage, addiction, resentment, blame and inexplicable grief.” This is so true.

When you are on an online dating site, you should be totally authentic. Just be who you really are. If you pretend to be someone that you are not, sooner or later something will go seriously wrong. Please let me explain.

Crystal met Craig ten years ago. At the beginning of their relationship, both of them were pretending to be someone else in order to be liked. That’s why the foundation of their relationship was very wrong and that relationship only lasted for four years. Truthfully, if both people were not authentic, they didn’t really have a relationship in the first place because that relationship isn’t even real.

Therefore, I highly encourage you to be 100% authentic when you join an online dating website. I have recommended Slavic dating site to men who are looking for Eastern European ladies. Every female candidate on that website has been interviewed by in person so as to verify her identity and her authenticity. As a result, is a high-quality, reliable and trustworthy international dating website for Eastern European women and their admirers.

“Love authentically. Live fully.”