Online dating has been gaining more and more popularity in the world for the way it’s been helping singles find potential matches. Indeed, thousands of couples have found lifetime happiness with the help of online dating platforms. However, it isn’t always that easy. It could get frustrating when you don’t see the results you want. This is where online dating rules come into play. Just like traditional dating, certain rules have to be observed to increase your chances of success. So what are the unwritten rules of online dating? Keep reading to find out.

Confidence is sexy but arrogance is not

In dating, confidence is important. There is a fine line between modesty and lack of self-esteem and that is why you need to know the difference. Be modest enough not to sound like you’re bragging but make sure you’re able to exude confidence as well. In your online dating profile, it’s perfectly okay to share your strengths, skills, and talents, but be sure not to go overboard.

Be specific about your interests

Don’t you think it’s very common to see people writing down how much they love watching movies and listening to music? Yes, you want to attract people who share similar interests but how can you get people to read your profile if they don’t find anything that interests them? Instead of simply saying you like burying your nose in books, it’s better to talk about your favorite books and authors and why you love them. Talk about which genres of music you like listening to or if you play a musical instrument.

Remain truthful

Lying on your profile might get you to a first date. However, if you want to get past the first date and end up in a real relationship, honesty is the key. Don’t post a 5-year-old photo or bend some truths just to sound interesting. Never lie about your age or career. At the end of the day, you want to be able to find someone who will like and accept you for who you are.

Leave your excess baggage

Online dating isn’t the best place to rant about your ex who cheated on you or about how unfortunate you are with your past relationships. This is no place for drama. If you want to increase your chances of finding a potential match, make your profile engaging and positive. Forget the excess baggage and be open to the possibility of finding new love and happiness. Otherwise, people might get the impression that you haven’t moved on and are not yet ready for a new relationship.

Be realistic

There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. After all, we all are imperfect. Therefore, forget about your extremely high and unrealistic standards. Don’t write a lengthy wishlist that’s impossible for anyone to fulfill. It’s okay to mention a few qualities that you find attractive in a person, but that’s it. A very specific description of the ideal person you’re looking for might just push people away instead of attracting them.

Post at least 3 to 4 photos

While one great profile photo is enough to make people stop by and take a peek at your profile, remember that they always want to see more. One image isn’t enough to give them an idea of what you really look like so don’t limit yourself to posting just a single photo. Also, posting more photos in your profile is an excellent way to share more about yourself. You can post photos of your recent travels or a nice photo of you devouring a cake you baked yourself.

Don’t play hard to get

Your goal in online dating is to find an ideal match so playing hard to get won’t work. It’s okay to make them wait a little bit but make sure it doesn’t take days or they’ll start talking to someone else. 

Ready to try your luck at online dating? Be sure to follow these helpful tips to increase your chances of success!

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