It is said that when you use the goldilocks contact method, Eastern European ladies like you even more: Don’t contact her too much, nor too little. This article will show you various power moves to make an Eastern European woman want you even more.

  • If your relationship with your Eastern European girlfriend has lasted for a long time, you may want to become a mystery again!

When you wear a new outfit, she sees you differently. You are showing a different side of yourself. That means you should always keep exploring new things in life and keep learning new stuff. This will make you more interesting in general.

Another strategy to make the relationship healthier is to humbly admit your role. For instance, you can say, “There were times I should have done XYZ.” I’m pretty sure your girlfriend will respect you even more because of that.

If the relationship has become stale, you need to follow a plan, not your emotions. You might consider hiring a dating coach to reignite your girlfriend’s desire. Your strategy should be to understand her head and heart; don’t let emotions rule your life.

Always remember the attraction formula: visual chemistry + perceived challenge + perceived value + emotional connection = uncontrollable attraction.

Therefore, if you are looking to strengthen the relationship with your Eastern European girlfriend, you should totally make your life irresistible to her. Blow her away with your new first impression and create uncontrollable desire in her. Let her win you again.

Please note that desire and spark lead to attraction. Love leads to security.=

Let’s say you are going to have a date night with your Eastern European girlfriend who has been with you for years. Now you want to re-ignite the passion in this relationship. My recommendation is you and your Eastern European girlfriend can pretend to meet each other for the first time in a bar like two strangers. This role-play will make your love life more exciting.

  • If you’ve just started a relationship with a woman and you want to keep her….

Remember: commitment begins at the beginning. In business, the amount we earn is the value we give the market. In your love life, the situation isn’t too different: You have to ask yourself, “How do I give value?” “Am I adding value or am I taking value?” – analyze your answers from her perspective.

Always give first; expect second. When we add value, it will come back. But it’s dangerous to rely on it coming back. We always have choices – that’s empowering. You can choose to add value to her life.

When it comes to your relationship with your girlfriend from Eastern Europe, you don’t directly control the dynamics, but you can influence the dynamics. Influence her with your thoughts, emotions and behavior. Bring out the best version of her!

Note that “the one” doesn’t exist. She becomes the one by what she does. The love of your life has to adore you. She must care and invest in you.

Before you decide to start a long-term relationship with a woman, you would be well-advised to be aware of the fact that characteristics can be different, but your values have to be the same. Accept how somebody is doing things out of a value. What value system is this coming from?

No matter what happens, never play the victim. Just take responsibility for your own happiness. In my opinion, there are five conditions for success in this regard: 1) self-worth / confidence; 2) living your passions; 3) pacing the relationship; 4) slow change; 5) powerful communication.

Tell her how much it means to you if she were there for you at all times. Give her something to aspire to.

Questions to find out her values:

  • What was your favorite moment in your life?
  • Why? (This is crucial because her answer tells you who she is.)

Her patterns show her values. You can also ask her ambitions and blueprint – this also shows her values.

Before you begin a serious relationship with a lady from Eastern Europe, assess what you see, not what you predict. Don’t fall in love with her potential! Be careful what you forgive (there is abundance out there!) If she has something you don’t like, ask, “Is this something I can live with long term? Is it worth justifying based on her good qualities?”

What you see now is what you will get. Anything else will be a bonus. If you are not happy with something, say it playfully, “You are not one of those girls, are you?”

If she criticizes you, analyze her motive because it’s usually about him and his interests. It is your responsibility to educate her well on what your needs are. Empower her now rather than rely on her doing it.

  • Everything you need to know about first dates:

As I see it, stories are the best tool because stories help you boast yourself indirectly. If the woman from Eastern Europe asks you, “Why are you single?”, you say, “Truthfully, I am kind of fussy. I don’t get into a relationship unless it’s extremely good.”

You can reveal your quirky parts in an endearing way. You can also reveal something you hate by telling another person’s story. Smallest actions reveal our values.

After the date, she will start to think about the way she feels about you, so don’t rush it. Allowing that space is beneficial! Don’t try hard to be “busy”. You don’t need to play hard to get with a lady from Eastern Europe. In her culture, people don’t play mind games at all! Great news, isn’t it?

Ask yourself, “Could I fit in her life? What can I add?” After the first date, your hobbies, passions and work should keep going because these things make you feel good, so they make you attractive.

If you like her and would like to ask her out again but she says no, you can say, “I really would like you to be there. It’s such a shame.” Don’t take her response too seriously because she might change her mind later on. Chances are she needs to see every part of her life can accommodate you.

An Eastern European woman needs to feel she earns a position in your life in this process. Whenever she gives and invests in you, she receives attention from you. If she doesn’t want to go out again for a second date, you simply keep meeting new people.

A bonus tip: After starting a long-term relationship with an Eastern European girlfriend, never stop dating each other – you still need to dress up and flirt! This will make your relationship sustainable and amazing.

“She won’t respect you if you don’t look after your own interests and needs. Therefore, never compromise your standards in your love life! The love of your life must absolutely adore you 100%!”