Russian datingThe dating scene, in general, is plagued with many common myths that people think are true. Russian dating is no exception. False expectations pave the way to many failed relationships and marriages. That’s why it’s important to be aware of these myths and stereotypes, especially if you are interested in dating Russian girls

Below are some of the common misconceptions about Russian dating and the reasons why they’re not true.

Russian women are poor and helpless.

One of the most common stereotypes about Russian women is that they are poor and helpless ladies who just want to leave their country to look for a better life. The truth is that this rarely happens. Today, most Russian women are goal-oriented. They have very lucrative careers and they enjoy meaningful relationships with their family and loved ones. Yes, there’s still a lot of them who also want to live abroad. That’s not just because they want to marry someone who can give them the kind of life they want. Russian girls are not dependent on a man for their needs. They are not desperate to escape Russia and reside overseas.

They are shy and reserved, and they don’t want to work.

This statement is not true because the reality is Russian women are independent. If you have a Russian girl as a wife, she is not going to be someone who depends on you for her needs and wants because she can work for them.

They are arrogant.

Many people have also been led to believe that Russian women are selfish, arrogant and greedy. These things are not true. Yes, there may be people who have those negative qualities but it is not right to associate these behaviors to all Russian girls. Each woman is still unique in many ways. It’s only fair to give yourself a chance to get to know a person better before you start drawing conclusions.

They only want a green card.

A lot of people believe that Russian women only engage in international dating because they are after a green card. While it is true that a lot of women aspire to get immigration rights, this is not the sole reason for why a Russian girl would be compelled to leave their country behind. Living abroad and leaving their families is such a difficult thing for them to do. They need a more compelling reason to be able to make such a decision and a green card is not worth the move. They are not the type who will give up everything they love just to live in another country.

All they’re after is money.

It isn’t true when people say that Russian girls are only interested in money or expensive gifts. In fact, they are not easily drawn to men who try to buy their love and attention with fancy dinner dates, flowers and expensive presents. These women want to know the true intentions of a man who tries to pursue them. All they want is sincere love, care and attention. They don’t need someone who will only impress them with material things.

They are difficult to be with.

Another misconception about Russian ladies is that they are difficult to be in a relationship with. People say that they live in a completely different world. Because of that, it makes it hard for them to adapt and learn new things, even a new language. This is not true. The reality is that a lot of Russian women today are well educated and intelligent. They have gone to colleges and universities, and they pursue their passions and career. Having a Russian girlfriend or wife shouldn’t be an issue. Just like any other person, they can always learn how to adjust and adapt especially if it is something that they do for the sake of love.

When you finally get the chance to meet Russian girls, you will realize that these misconceptions are indeed untrue. In fact, you will even be surprised at how amazing they can be. It’s all about giving yourself the chance to get to know them well.