Ghosting means someone ends all communication out of nowhere. This happens to almost everyone, and many people that I know have ghosted someone as well, so it’s quite common these days, especially when online communication is the main way to interact with each other. Therefore, how to deal with ghosting in dating and relationships has become a frequent topic of discussion nowadays.

  • Closure is overrated.

Don’t ask for closure because it’s so overrated. If the guy who disappeared on you is willing to tell you why he is gone, he must have told you already. The fact that he ghosted you means he doesn’t know how to end a relationship in a healthy way – that’s all you need to know.

How many people actually know why their ex-partners left them? Chances are their ex-partners didn’t tell them the real reason why their relationships were over, even if they had “the talk”!

  • Closure VS Completion

You don’t need closure because that’s actually called completion. If you think about it, that relationship still offered you some good time – you also enjoyed it! Even though the ending isn’t pleasant, it doesn’t mean the entire relationship was meaningless. As a result, the ending is the completion. Period.

Having a sense of completion makes you feel empowered – you know you have tried your best; you know this happened when you are still dating rather than when you are married; you learn from this experience.

  • Your time is underrated.

Your time is a finite resource. As a matter of fact, your time is the most valuable asset you have: You can always get your money back; however, you can never get your time back. Hence, please don’t waste your time by thinking about the person who ghosted you!

Many people are very careful when it comes to spending their money. Nevertheless, in terms of spending their time, they spend it like billionaires!

Do not make that mistake.

It’s time to move on.

Time is just like a train – it will keep moving on no matter what. If one of your feet is on the train but the other foot is outside of the train, you will be hurt. Thus, you have to be actually on the train and move on.

Go out and meet new people. The right person is also looking for you right now.

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  • Advice for Ukrainian women looking for real love – How to know if a guy isn’t serious about you:

Men are not subtle. If he isn’t serious about you, you will know it – it’s just a matter of whether you want to trust your intuition or not.

If you are still wondering whether he loves you or not, the answer is he doesn’t love you.

Love is a very strong emotion.

That means if a guy loves you, you would know it because you can certainly feel his love. In contrast, if you can’t even feel his love, it means he doesn’t love you. Full stop.

Your intuition is always right – Compared to men, women have better, more accurate intuition.

Nonetheless, the modern-day society highly values analytical thinking, so a lot of women have unfortunately talked themselves out of their intuition. But I’d like to encourage you to trust your intuition because it is a very useful tool.

If he isn’t chasing, it means he is playing.

A guy who is chasing you always respects you; hence, he would plan each date properly, maintain effective communication at all times and really want to know you in a genuine manner.

By contrast, if a guy isn’t doing any of those, it usually means he is playing – Sadly, he is probably using you.

Some men would say something along the lines of, “I’m not looking for a relationship right now” or “I don’t want a girlfriend” – you have to believe him when he says that to you. Many women are thinking… “He is just not ready yet. I will make him fall in love with me” – please don’t do that because he has already told you what he is up to!

Don Draper once said, “People tell us who they are. But we want them to be who we want them to be.” This is exactly how and why a large number of people ignore red flags. You shouldn’t make this mistake!

If he isn’t chasing, you have to stop investing.

“Remember this principle in dating and relationships: Don’t invest in a man based on how much you like him; invest in a man based on how much he invests in you. As long as you implement this principle in your love life, you won’t be hurt by players anymore!”