When you release your control over the situations and people in your life that are outside of your control, you not only reclaim your energy, time and power, but also give a shout-out to the cosmic forces that communicates your trust in serendipity when it comes to safe dating.

  • Do not micromanage everything.

You don’t need to micromanage everything. The universe is on your side. You simply do the best you can in your arena. You just trust the higher plan here.

Truthfully, when you are strong-arming life all the time, it edges out support which could be available to you if you surrender 20% more. What do you do when you see a person who looks like he/she has it all together? You assume this individual has it all together, so you offer your help elsewhere. In other words, when you see an individual trying to control every area of their life in a very intense way, you let them go about their business as you think they are doing okay – they are not available for assistance.

Talking about safe dating, as long as you have joined a reliable and reputable dating website, you can just use your common sense and don’t need to micromanage everything. Being a control freak is lonely. A control freak makes their love life harder than it needs to be. They miss out on the miracles which come from letting go, letting others in and letting serendipity happen. Here is a true story:

My best friend Jamie is a 32-year-old man looking for love. He decided to surrender to the universe and stop controlling everything. Two months later, he met a lady on a safe dating site. They fell in love and he proposed to her six months later. Then they noticed that inside the engagement ring, there are two numbers: “63” – that’s the serial number of that product. Interestingly, Jamie was born on June 3rd & this is a coincidence. Then they bought a house and its street number is No. 63. Their wedding took place on June 30th & their son was born one year later on June 30th. If that’s not serendipity, then I don’t know what is.

Slavic woman

  • How to nurture a relationship:

In dating and relationships, if you give up your power and give your partner complete control, the excitement is over already. It is okay to let your partner take charge at times; however, that is something that must be earned by showing you that your partner is just as strong as you are. Let me put it this way: arguments should never be shouting matches but more like debates where you challenge your partner to prove that their way of doing things is better than yours (and vice versa). It is during these debates for control that you can know that you have found a worthy and strong partner.

Please note that once you believe that your partner is irreplaceable, you become vulnerable because you start to believe that you won’t be able to find someone better than this person anymore. That makes you become open to exploitation, and it can be dangerous. In order to date safely, I’d like you to consider this key idea: It’s okay to let down your guard and show your love & affection, but a truly empowered person will not let someone else run them. Every relationship / marriage is different and unique; part of getting to know each other better is knowing when to stand firm, when to give in and when to compromise. If you feel that you are not getting that amount of respect, it’s your responsibility to remind your partner early and often because nobody can read your mind!

“So, decisiveness, self-confidence and having authority are the key to dating safely. If you were a pushover in the past, note that you can’t change your past (by the way, your past doesn’t exist; it only exists in your head). From now on, you can reclaim your role in this world. You won’t shy away from someone attractive simply because you don’t know what to say to that person. You are already a truly empowered person; this world & everything in it is yours for the taking! Make this statement your motto and use it as your daily affirmation.”