Many people think when they become successful, they will be happy. But truthfully, it will happen the other way around – becoming a happy person will help you achieve success. Similarly, a lot of individuals think that they can’t feel happy until all of their problems are solved. But more than likely it will happen the other way around: becoming a happy individual will help you solve every problem and find your way out of challenging situations. When you focus on what’s going wrong, you can’t have enough room to appreciate what’s going right. Gratitude will give you the boost you need to get through the hard times. Remember: Happiness leads to success. When you feel good and appreciate what you are truly grateful for, you will realize that you don’t have to resolve your problems to become happy.

  • How to have clarity in life:

High performers always have good levels of clarity for every area of their lives. To achieve a high level of clarity, many high performers use these 2 strategies.

The first strategy is to have an evening journal which records your positive emotions. That means every evening you write down all the positive emotions that you’ve had throughout the day. A journal entry can be, “I read a short story in a magazine this morning. The flash fiction is so intriguing. I talked to my friend Alex on the phone this afternoon. We will go to the gallery this weekend. I’m so excited.” If you write a journal entry like that every evening, you will be able to summarize the theme that leads to various positive emotions. The theme can be artistic expression, creativity, etc. Then you will know what’s important to you and what gives you joy in life.

The second strategy is to pursue depth. That means instead of skating on the surface of life, you’d better develop depth in what makes your life satisfying. If artistic expression makes your life satisfying, you should dive deep in artistic expression. This is the only way to build a spiritual connection with what makes you happy and get clarity in life.

international dating

  • In terms of international dating, there are fourkey parts of a relationship.

In order to make your relationship stronger, you have to have a good understanding of these four key parts.

1. Admiration

When you and your partner genuinely admire each other, the Chemistry certainly has a capital C.

Think about your partner’s good qualities and truly enjoy those!

2. Connection

Creating more shared experiences in life makes the emotional connection stronger in a relationship, so it’s time to make some creative and romantic plans for this weekend!

3. Commitment

Even though you are already in a relationship, you would be well-advised to strengthen the commitment regularly, e.g., celebrating your anniversary, having a date night each week, etc.

4. Compatibility

This part of a relationship is totally underrated. It’s actually the most important part of a relationship because without compatibility, everything else will become vulnerable.

Do you have compatible values?

Do you have compatible flaws?

Do you have compatible approaches to conflicts?

“International dating gives you joy, satisfaction and happiness.”