“I can build my own relationship without the help of any self-help book or an online dating expert”. Most of you probably have this mindset because 1. You are too confident about yourself or 2. You are too shy to admit that you have lots of failed relationships that’s why you want to try online dating.

The truth is, everybody needs help. It is a good thing to consult or listen to the experts. They make our life easier to find a beautiful Russian bride online. Here are some of the best online dating tips ever!

  1. Stick to a one-hour rule

You should spend a maximum of one hour a day looking for a beautiful Russian bride online.  You might be tempted to stare at the screen for 5 hours or even the whole day but remember that all things in excess can be a bad thing. You should choose quality over quantity. Messaging one to two Russian girls daily is better than messaging a hundred Russian girls daily. It may be fun to receive a hundred responses during the first few weeks but eventually, you will feel exhausted.

  1. Share your stories but not your online horror stories

You have to remember that actions speak louder than words.If you are going to write words that best describe you like being funny, or humble; you need to share a story to prove it. This is also a way to make your profile stand out.

But remember, never share your bad dating experiences because this can give your Russian woman a bad impression about you. Never bring your bad attitude to your dates.  

  1. Get personal in your initial email

In order to catch the attention of a beautiful Russian bride, you need to read her profile and find something meaningful and significant then comment on it.  You should also add sex appeal to your subject line. Refrain from using “Hi” or “Hello”. Instead, think of a fun and specific subject line so you two can connect with each other faster.

  1. Broaden your horizons

Some men highly consider a woman’s location before making a move for a date. They usually wanted to build a relationship with someone within their area so it will be easy to see each other. But this is wrong. You should remember that distance should never be an issue in finding your soulmate; whether she’s a thousand miles away from you or a meter away from you, love should always find a way.

  1. Keep first dates short and sweet

According to experts, in just 5 to 10 minutes of conversation; you can tell if someone could be a potential partner. Therefore, they suggest to go out for a drink or a cup of coffee instead of a long dinner. If you feel that this girl is interesting and fun to be with, you can always extend the date but if feel that she’s boring, you should not prolong the agony.