Happiness is about constantly improving ourselves – that’s my honest opinion. We can improve our strengths as well as our weaknesses! As a man, you’ll attract Ukrainian ladies when you’re genuinely happy.

  • In order to be happy, we have to pay attention to the feedback that we receive.

When I was a younger woman, I was working for a concession shop in a very premium department store. At that time, I still had some anxiety when I started that job because it was a new field (I never worked in retail before that). Consequently, I didn’t know how to do telephone orders and couldn’t do the stock very quickly. Yet my boss at that time was a very efficient manager. When I was doing a telephone order with the help of a senior sales consultant, the customer on the phone changed her mind for 3 times, so it was a difficult phone order. My manager did the phone order for me in the end – because she was a bit impatient, the senior sales consultant thought my manager told me off as I was very slow. What’s more, I was multitasking later that day – when I was doing the stock, I was serving customers as well. That’s why I did the stock slowly, which irritated my manager to some degree, so she finished doing the stock herself in the end. Nevertheless, I don’t blame her at all, even though I know it was not my fault. But I really liked the feedback – I should have done things faster.

How I do one thing is how I do everything. I know this sounds a bit extreme, yet it makes sense to some extent. I used to have long showers (a waste of water and time) and it took me several hours to fall asleep at night due to some anxiety. What cured my anxiety was the feedback from my manager – she did everything quickly; she never had anxiety; she was the most relaxed person that I had met. Therefore, whenever I encountered something challenging, I would ask myself, “What would my manager Kate do if she were in this situation?” Then I took action accordingly. The results have been phenomenal: Now I can do things quickly and I don’t have anxiety anymore.

In other words, when I prioritize improving myself based on the feedback that I get, I become happier in an organic manner!

And you can do it, too!


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  • In which areas can you improve yourself?

If you don’t know where you should improve, please think about the feedback that you’ve received so far in your life. 

Take myself as an example. I always improve two main areas of my life: 1) my strengths; 2) my weaknesses.

Yes, I keep improving my strengths as well because I should totally make my strengths even stronger. For example, because I know I’m a pretty good writer, I’ve joined Master Class in order to further improve my writing skills so I can become even more effective in this regard. I’m also a good singer; therefore, I’ve hired a singing coach who has helped me to sing songs even better – she taught me how to use more air and how to use less air, thereby adding variety to my voice when I’m singing – totally mind-blowing!

Of course, I should definitely work on my weakness. Like I mentioned before, I used to be anxious and did things quite slowly due to overthinking and overmanaging my work at that time. In contrast, now I’m a different person – I don’t overthink things anymore. I also don’t think everything has to be done perfectly at work either.

Now I’d like you to write down which areas you should improve in your life: Please identify your strengths and your weaknesses so that you have a clear blueprint. If you have no idea, you can think of the feedback that you’ve accumulated over the years as the feedback may give you some inspiration! I’m sure Ukrainian women like ambitious men who keep improving themselves because ambitious men are happy men!


“Guys who prioritize self-improvement are effortlessly attractive from Ukrainian women’s point of view.”