If you are a single guy, are you very happy with being single? In many ways, being single is a bit underrated as the mainstream culture merely values the relationship escalator. In truth, being single could be as wonderful as being married.

  • Are your friends and family worried about you simply because you are single?

Since the society expects everyone to be married, when you have dinner with your friends and family, they often ask, “How is dating?” (…if you’re a single guy).

This question can be maddening as it’s none of their business in the first place. Yet if you ask them why they don’t mind their own business, their typical response is “Oh, I simply want you to be happy” (as if you can’t be happy as a single man).

Next time when someone asks you this question, you’ll ask them, “How’s your marriage?” – Frankly, this is the same question as “How’s dating?” in this context.

Most people think nobody can ask “How’s your marriage?”, for that’s what happens behind closed doors. But why is asking “How’s dating?” okay?! Obviously, single people and married people aren’t equal in this regard. Sad!

Similarly, if your aunt / boss / neighbor / colleague asks you, “Why are you single?”, you’ll ask, “Why are you married?” This is also the same question in this scenario because being married isn’t better / worse than being single. Every type of relationship status is only a stage of life.

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international relationship

  • Should you and your lady have similar personality and values?

When you are looking for a life partner, you may wonder how alike you and your ideal partner need to be so as to have a good relationship. We have done the research for you – here is our finding:


  1. You and your lady can have very different personalities.
  2. You two should have shared interests, but you don’t really need to have the same interests.
  3. You and your lady need the same values.


In reality, it’s great to have totally different personalities in an international relationship, for you’ll understand different ways of explaining things. Different ways of seeing this world will make your life much more interesting. 😉

Meanwhile, you would be well-advised to appreciate your differences rather than making each other feel bad or wrong. Also, the same qualities may have both positive and negative aspects. For example, an exciting, adventurous and spontaneous person might be overwhelming, whereas a dependable individual may be a bit boring.

You can enjoy the benefits of an international relationship when you accept each other’s personality fully. A dependable individual brings a sense of stability and safety to a relationship, whilst an adventurous and spontaneous person brings energy and new ideas to the relationship. 😊

Hence, two people with dramatically different personalities can build a phenomenal marriage. Nonetheless, in terms of interests, an overlap is necessary as you should have some shared activities, e.g., gardening, going to concerts, and so forth. Topics of common interests help you to enjoy meaningful and deep conversations. That being said, having some fairly different interests is good, too – when an activity gives you a period of time apart, you feel energized. As a result, when you return to your lady at home, you feel invigorated. For example, you go to a photography class with passion and go home with a big smile on your face – now you can engage with your lady better.

“Two people’s values should be the same in an international relationship.”