Dating is hard.

But the real reason why so many men find dating hard is because they don’t have a positive mindset. Your mindset determines your behavior; your behavior determines your results.

  • How to create a virtuous cycle:

In order to create a virtuous cycle, you must feel the good emotions before good things happen for you. (Yes, you read that right. I said ‘must’ instead of ‘should’). In other words, when you feel positive feelings and emotions, your vibration energy is higher, so the universe will give you things that match your vibration energy. 

More specifically, when you are happy, your upbeat energy will attract women naturally. According to modern psychology, the most attractive quality is sparkling happiness. No one wants to be with someone who is complaining and unhappy all the time.

  • Sparkling happiness results in a relaxed mindset.

No matter how serious you are, your attitude has to be spontaneous and playful when you interact with women, because that’s what women actually respond to, even though women may not be aware of that logically.

Indeed, when you radiate sparkling happiness, your attitude will be spontaneous and your mindset will become playful. These are very important elements in chemistry and attraction.

Here is the attraction formula: perceived value + perceived challenge + chemistry = attraction.

When you remain positive, you look more confident, so your perceived value increases. Also, a confident guy is usually a strong man; therefore, your perceived challenge increases. Last but not least, your sparkling happiness generates chemistry organically. 😉

That’s exactly how you attract Russian women effortlessly.

  • Happiness leads to success.

Many people think when they become successful, they will be happy. That is to say, most individuals believe that success leads to happiness. However, I would argue that the opposite is true: happiness leads to success. Here is why:

When you are happy, everything seems to be easier. And the way you carry yourself is more attractive. As a result, you can achieve success faster.

In conclusion, a positive mindset is the fast-track to a satisfying love life; happiness is the fast-track to success. 

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  • How to continue dating your Russian woman after “I do”:

Statistics show that the divorce rate in western countries is about 50%. Further examination reveals that the end of flirting/dating after getting married is the primary reason why a relationship isn’t sparky anymore.

#1. Have a date night once a week.

No matter you have children or not, you are supposed to have a weekly date night with your spouse. Truthfully, if you have children, you will still find a way to have a weekly date night with your spouse when you actually want to do so. For example, you may ask someone that you can trust to take care of the kids for a few hours per week.

#2. Pursue your own hobbies and interests.

After getting married, you should still spend time enjoying your own interests and hobbies. In this way, when you interact with your spouse, you always have something interesting to talk about, so your spouse is constantly discovering something exciting about you. This creates and maintains the excitement (AKA the spark) in your marriage as well.

#3. Learn something new together.

You and your spouse can join a dance class such as Salsa and Tango. When you are learning something like this together, the connection becomes stronger – you make this experience entertaining and educational, so dopamine is produced, which is similar to the dating stage of a relationship.

#4. Create a book club for two people.

You can start a book club with your spouse. You two will read the same book and discuss the ideas in the book together, thereby growing in the same direction. 😉

“Travel is a great way to keep dating your spouse forever because this lifestyle gives you shared experiences which could be the foundation for a strong emotional connection.”