Realistically, women judge you according to your friends – this happens more often than you think. Well, in dating everyone is judgmental, like it or not. Therefore, you need to build a great social circle so that you can feel fulfilled with or without a girlfriend. What’s more, having an amazing social circle is an effective way to attract the right woman. 😊

  • A snapshot of your core values:

How you spend your free time as well as whom you spend your spare time with become the snapshot of your true values. Your career, your way of life, the number of empty ice cream boxes in your house are all indicators of your standards in real life. In other words, everything you choose to give attention to tells others about what you actually value.

So, your social circle tells women the truth about who you really are.

Your social circle influences you more than anything else in your life. People around you influence your habits, your mood and what you care about or strive for in life and at work. Also, you become friends with those who are a reflection of what matters to you already. That’s why you must be very careful about what you truly value in other people.

That is to say, individuals that you choose to have in your life will significantly affect her perception of you as a partner.

Women may unconsciously judge you when you introduce them to your friends, particularly if a woman notices that most of your close friends are obnoxious and selfish. A woman will also notice the conversation style that you use when you are with your friends – she may wonder, “Does this guy become a gossip boy suddenly?” / “Is he a mean person who laughs at other people behind their backs?” / “Is he rude to the waiter?”

I mean your behavior with your friends speaks volumes.

Well, maybe you are not really like your close friends. Perhaps you are a very nice guy who happens to spend time with the wrong people. If that’s true, a Russian lady may wonder, “Why does this guy want to put up with these individuals? Does he secretly enjoy spending time with losers?” If this feeling is strong, she may disappear from your life because she might find excuses for not going to parties with you when she knows your close friends will rock up as well.

You may argue that it’s none of her business because it’s only your friends. I know your rationale makes sense, but things almost never work that way, unfortunately.

In actuality, everyone is very susceptible to the social influence of people around them. Your character is a composite of the 5 individuals with whom you spend the most of your time.

Yes, your friends make a real difference in your life. You can tell a lot about a person by the company he/she keeps!

Let’s say a Russian woman notices the man she is seeing has many friends who are outrageous players, then she will begin to wonder whether her boyfriend likes that type of behavior or not and might begin to become suspicious of what he is doing when she is not spending time with him.

What I’m trying to say is it’s totally possible to be tarnished with a terrible reputation merely by proximity. So, if you have superficial friends, women may assume you are also superficial. If you have loser friends, women might assume you are also a loser.

That’s exactly why you should have better friends who inspire you at all times.

You must be aware of the fact that people within your orbit are usually part of the big picture of who you really are.

  • How to tell you are dating a high-value woman from Russia:

A high-value lady from Russia cares about seeing you thrive. Supporting your career success means more adventure and more excitement. She wants to see you play at your best in life and at work. She wants to protect your dreams and help you play at an extraordinary, outstanding level.

What’s more, a high-value woman is not competing with you. She is not worried about who is more successful career-wise because she has self-respect and measures her life based on something more than achievement.

Also, a high-value lady is very responsive to your needs, even though she may not get things right all the time. Maybe she doesn’t know your love language is act of service yet; perhaps she doesn’t know your favorite Christmas gift is a love letter. However, she wants to know more about you. She wants to learn more about dating and attraction so that she can keep you.

She can’t read your mind, but she is trying her best to understand you.

Warning: a high-value woman has very high standards and expectations. If you like that, she will raise your entire game! She is independent and strong. She does not put up with those who are energy vampires in life. If someone is a draining person, she is happy to end that relationship. She does not waste time talking about old issues or dwelling on the past.

If you are unreasonable, a high-value lady from Russia will call you out. She looks after her own life with confidence. She does not invest in self-pity. She is constantly looking for ways to become a better person. You don’t need to tell her to lose weight because she will want to be healthy and stay fit. You don’t need to ask her to read more books because she already takes her education very seriously. She is a self-motivated woman who improves herself without being asked.

Moreover, a high-value Russian lady invests in the romantic relationship without losing herself. That means she falls in love with you without obsessing – she is passionate, but she has other exciting activities in her life as well. As a well-balanced individual, she has many sources of happiness and joy in her reality: hobbies, friends, work, etc. Yes, you are the most important person in her life; nevertheless, other areas of her life are also important.

In addition, a high-value woman wants to make you very happy, so she listens to what you said and responds accordingly. She looks for specific clues because she is curious about you as her life partner.

Finally, a high-value Russian woman wants to build a compelling future with you. Her blueprint includes you in it. She knows that you two are a team. She is very faithful. The emotional connection is very strong and you know it! 😊

  • The non-negotiables in love:

There is a difference between falling in love and being in a healthy relationship. No matter what you’ve got in your love life right now, you must clarify what your non-negotiables are, and then you can have a happy relationship. Some typical non-negotiables are respect, shared vision and compatible values.

“Women respect men who have standards, so please have some!”