Age gap dating is very normal in Ukraine. Many younger Ukrainian women are married to older men because age is just a number. Interestingly, in western countries, age gap dating is not uncommon. A recent study shows that people who prefer age gap dating are high-value individuals: many of them are business owners, investors, lawyers, doctors and even celebrities.

  • Age gap dating is quite common.

Since modern people are much less judgmental, most people believe that everybody should have the right to date whomever they like.

Further examination uncovers that many celebrities prefer age gap dating & a lot of them are very happily married. A-list celebrities who enjoy age gap dating include:

A) Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi: Ellen met Portia in 2004 and they were sharing a home in 2005. During an interview, Ellen    said it was the very first time that she knew in every cell of her entire being that she had chosen the right lady. Ellen married Portia in 2008. As I’m typing this post right now, Ellen is considering ending her wildly popular TV show and moving to the southern hemisphere with Portia who is fifteen years younger than her.

B) Hugh Jackman & Deborra Lee-Furness: Hugh is thirteen years younger than his wife Deborra. Hugh met Deborra in 1995 and married her in 1996. This couple have 2 adopted kids. Hugh once said, “In our marriage, I’m the adult & she is like a kid as I’m the one who says ‘darling, this is not a legal parking spot.’” What an endearing couple.

C) Catherine Zeta-Jones &Michael Douglas: Though Catherine and Michael are twenty-five years apart, they share the same date of birth – September 25th. Their marriage was not perfect, for some challenges rocked up. Nevertheless, they are deeply in love now. Michael says their marriage is stronger than ever right now.

D) Leo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone: Leo is apparently a fan of age gap dating. The 46-year-old mega star is currently dating the 23-year-old actress. This very happy couple choose to keep a low profile in public, yet Camelia served as Leonardo’s date at the Academy Awards in 2020. A long time ago, when Leo was interviewed on TV, he said he would definitely be married in the future. Maybe he will pop the question soon?

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  • More than a spark:

Research indicates that approximately 8% of heterosexual couples have a large age gap (10 years or more). Oftentimes, these involve older gentlemen partnered with younger women. Roughly 1% of married age-gap couples involve an older woman partnered with a younger gentleman. When it comes to lesbian / gay relationships, it is said that around 25% of gay couples and 15% of lesbian couples demonstrate a large age gap. Also, it is reported that age-gap dating is possibly more rewarding than other dating scenarios because of these factors:

A) Age-gap relationships are more secure financially.

The more mature partner is definitely more established career-wise, so this person has a much bigger nest egg and can mentor the younger partner. Clearly, this is very good for a family. Note that the primary reason for divorce in every country is financial issues. Age-gap relationships are less likely to be ruined by financial problems.

B) The attraction is oftentimes more intense in an age-gap relationship.

The chemistry becomes more intense when erotic polarity is strong. Erotic polarity means the major differences which fuel the attraction – different experiences in life, masculine energy & feminine energy, and so forth. Surely, age-gap relationships are best characterized by erotic polarity as two individuals bring totally different approaches and perspectives.

“An age-gap relationship can remain sparky for a very long time.”